Thursday, July 19, 2012

Days Go By...I Can Feel Them Flyin'!

So, I know, I know. I haven't written on here in a long time. It took my friend Luna to point out that she missed reading my blog to actually remember it was here.But it's been a crazy busy summer. It's interesting how fast days can just fly right by under your fingers when you are having a ton of fun.

So I left off on my last post of being about to start my few weeks on duty. It was an interesting experience, but that will be the only time that I'll be on duty 2 weeks (and a day) in a row without days off in between. Most of those 2 weeks were spent watching Netflix, trying to get in some friend time during the day and sleeping. Being an RA isn't really that hard, sometimes residents can be a little tough to deal with, but overall it's quiet here over the summer so there isn't much to deal with.

Even though I had some restraints for those 2 weeks, I still went to the beach a couple times, one afternoon I  was over at Boesler's being entertained by Baby Ben and some games of cards. It was mainly hot for most of the weeks I was I stayed inside as much as possible to stave off heat sicknesses and such. Plus, being out in 108* weather just isn't plain fun for the most part.

But I can say this, the morning of July 9th when I was officially off duty, I was up and at 'em. Over the past week and a half I have been going, going, going. But really, that's what I like to really do with my life. Being bored is monotonous and I want to be able to spend as much time with people as possible.

Cute baby alert!! Ben will be one next weekend!!!

Monday was spent in Lapeer at Boesler's house. We played some cards, watched some movies, got some pizza and ice cream and just had plain fun.

Pepsi wanted to play some Euchre with us.
Tuesday I planned a Tim Horton's run. We hadn't had one in a few weeks (which for us is basically blasphemy) so it was good getting the whole group together once again. And surprise! My friend Josh (who we all call Colonel) had driven to Michigan earlier than I thought he was going to be here and I got to see him for the first time in about a year (he only comes up for a couple weeks in the summer from Georgia). He went to high school with us (for those who wonder how he fits in) and moved to Georgia after was graduated and has lived down there ever since. He loves making films (here is one he made the other day while up here) and so be prepared for me to share video footage of our latest shenanigans as captured by him in the future.

There's the Colonel with Luna. And for those who understand the pose, it's a throwback to English class in 12th grade, when I used to take pictures of Josh with the books we had to read in class like this.
Here's one from 12th grade justttt so you can understand lol
Wednesday morning I got up and had some lunch with my "Flint girls," Tanisha, Abijah and Hilary. We got some Don Pablos (which burnt down a few days later...sad), had a margarita and then went to see Magic Mike. I mean, who doesn't want to get together with their girls and see a stripper movie? Nothing like some tequila and eye candy. After the movie, I went out to Kevin's for some dinner and hangout time. He had come down with pneumonia and wasn't feeling good, so the days before I just let him be to rest and such but it was really nice to spend time with him. I'm not going to lie, being stuck on duty for 2 weeks and just texting/calling him made me miss seeing him often.

Thursday morning, right after work, I started my day and went to Lapeer. A couple nights before I had had a serious conversation with a friend about their mom, and well, it made me miss mine. So I spent some time out at the cemetery "visiting" my mom. I know it will never be the same and such, but sometimes you just need to feel close to them again. Her headstone by the way is beautiful. 

After that we were off to the beach for a day in the sun with many of my close friends. While Colonel was in town, we wanted to get in a beach trip because they are just plain fun. So, we let him experience that. And it wasn't time wasted that's for sure. 
The looks on their faces crack me up every time I see it. 

Friday night I had staff bonding with my fellow RA's. We went bowling and well, I scored my all-time high...a 122! I was proud of myself. Then right after I got back, I hopped in my car and was off to Caseville. Over the weekend I spent with Aunt Sue, Molly, Matt and Uncle Steve, I turned off my phone and spent some time around the campfire and on the beaches of lovely Port Huron. Coming home Sunday was kinda a bummer, I could've spent more time up there relaxing.

Kevin basically "called" Monday as his day with me (not like I minded). After he was out of work, he came over and then took me out to dinner. We decided with was our impromptu 7 month date since I was busy on the 17th. He took me to Chili's (which I had never had before) and then bought me some fish. I know, seems like an odd date, but it was fine with me. He had wanted to add some more fish to my tank so it was all cool. And now we can laughingly say we have pets together since I can't have anything but fish at Riverfront.
You can see a couple of my fish. He bought me 5 in all. 2 are sunrise platy's, one red platy and 2 algae eaters.
Tuesday we had another staff bonding (for the front desk) and we were off to Detroit for a Tiger's baseball game. Of course it was the hottest day of the week, landing at a lovely 100* at 7pm when it was game time. And even though the Tiger's basically lost in the 1st inning, we still had fun. There were a couple of my coworkers who had never been to a game before and so they had fun. There really is nothing like being at the ball game, the crowd, the smell of hot dogs and just soaking it in. The heat wasn't the best, but it cooled off a bit in the end.

All is RA's at the game :)
So this finally brings me to yesterday. It started off "early" (for me anyway) with some lunch at Grill of India with Colonel, Luna, Zac, Pat and Kevin. Then Kevin and I did some errands for our bonfire this weekend and had some dinner over at his place. Then we were off to Lapeer for some bowling at Gerlach's before ending up at Archie's in Davison for some fun times.

Yup...trick me every time.
So that leaves me to upcoming events:

  • Tonight is a bonfire over at my friend Brittany Turner's house. As long as the weather cooperates. 
  • Tomorrow is crazy preparations for Saturday which is the bonfire I and mostly Kevin have been planning for over a month now. It's a gathering of all the friends and it should be a grand time. I've been waiting for it for awhile.
  • Sunday a group of us are seeing The Dark Knight Rises (the last of the current Batman trilogy) in IMAX. When The Dark Knight came out in 2008, we saw it together, so it is only fitting that we go see it when Colonel is in Michigan. 
  • Next week I am sure to have a bunch of fun that isn't really currently planned yet.
  • On July 28th we have Baby Ben's 1st birthday in the park. Yeah, that's gonna be fun :)
  • RA training gets thrown in there later in August. yeah. hahah
When Colonel isn't videotaping us, he's taking iPhone pictures of us eating food and giving us epic names like  "Sundae Slayer" and "Salad Subjugator." This is mine. My name? "The Egg Enchanter" (since it almost looks like my eggs are floating) 

These Songs I Currently Love:
1. Powerless- Linkin Park
2. Augen Auf!- Oomph!
3. Survivor Guilt- Rise Against
4. Psycho- System of a Down
5. Wide Awake- Katy Perry
6. Too Close- Alex Clare
7. Titanium- David Guetta ft. Sia
8. I'll Be Gone- Linkin Park
9. Come Over- Kenny Chesney
10. Second Chance- Shinedown