Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'll Make an Influenster Out of You!

Back in late 2012, my friend Luna introduced me to a great website...Influenster. I remember her texting me and telling me all about this website where I could earn boxes with free items to test out and how she had gotten her first box. I thought, hey...it's worth a try right?

So she invited me (it is an invite only website) and I joined. I started doing surveys on there about things I liked, wrote reviews for things I used and wracked up some points. 

When I got my first email a month later, I was ecstatic. I was told that I would be testing out a new dish soap. Now dishes weren't my thing but I figured I would receive anything but small sample sized bottles of the product.

BOY was I wrong. In a box I received three full sized products of Palmolive Fresh Infusions (see my blog post about it here). I gave one to my boss at the time to give a try and I tested them out. They smelt amazing and were kind to my hands. I was so happy to try something like this out.

And the boxes (called voxboxes) came rolling in. The next one I received a bunch of different items, including the entire Colgate Optic White line, a new spray on lotion from Vaseline (which became one of my favorite lotions, Dickinson's Face wipes (which I also came to love) and some other goodies. 

I also received voucher programs for products that can't be shipped. One was for a wonderful yougurt drink and frozen yogurt and the other was for Sargento cheese.

But this website isn't just for the free items that you receive. I found myself a community of people with opinions. I'm not going to lie, half the time when I am trying to find a new product or see if something I am thinking about buying for the first time is worthwhile, I take a little trip over to influenster to see what kinds of thoughts others have had.

And I get to share my thoughts. Have you ever found a shampoo, makeup, household item, etc that you just can't live without? You can share your full thoughts on it for others to view. You can ask questions and get feedback on products. You can learn about other products. This website is literally for everyone. There are outdoor products, mom products, mens products, etc.

So...if you want to take on the challenge of being an influenster. If you are willing to share your opinion with others...let me know. I'll send you an invite!

Check out their website here for more information.

See below for products I have tried and won!

This was my latest voxbox, all these products were wonderful!

This came last Christmas, what a wonderful gift!

Each voxbox has "tasks" that you complete. IF you complete them and you are seen as one of the best, you can win prizes. I won this entire box of makeup as a prize for my Rimmel London Mascara box!

They couldn't send the cheese but they did send me a free lunchbox!

This was my 2nd box Such wonderful products (and the Optic White does work!)

This is my first college box. These products are perfect for any sorority girl!