Monday, May 27, 2013

Life Just Flies By!

So, I finally have a moment to sit here and think about the past few weeks of my life and how so much has just happened. Life has just been crazy but amazing all at the same time. 

For one, I graduated. May 5th, 2013 will be one of the proudest days of my life. I walked across that stage and completed one of the last promises that I ever made my mother. I remember when I was young, I promised her that I would graduate college and she would be there to see me. Now, sadly she wasn't there in person to see it happen, but I know somewhere in the universe, she was smiling her huge smile as I walked across that stage in front of those couple thousand people, shook the hands of the heads of the University and received my diploma cover. In a few weeks, I'll receive my diploma in the mail and the package will be complete. I am so happy, and will be able to look back on my 5 years at UM-Flint as years of great learning, great growth and amazing memories. 

Later that day, unknown to me, Kevin planned me a graduation party. Though now that I know, I could see where he got really close to letting go the surprise of the whole thing. But he didn't. When I pulled into his driveway that evening, I was welcomed by 30 or so of my closest family and friends who were there to celebrate me. It was one of the best gifts I could be given by anyone (and another thing crossed off the bucket list). I got to visit with people I hadn't seen in a long time and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Yup, he got me!

The week after that was moving week. I had just signed papers on a 2 bedroom/2 bath home in a lovely neighborhood in Flint. My friend Hoffa moved in with me so we could split the rent and the bills. That week was full of friends help (thank you guys sooooo much!), a frenzy of boxes, much cleaning and saying goodbye to Riverfront where I had called home for 3 years. 

I got in and settled a bit before I started my new job at Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy. Yup, I got the official job offer and start date in the middle of my packing and started training on the 13th. Now that I have had 2 weeks of training, I am very excited to start in my department and very excited to be working for this company. I can wholeheartedly say that they care for their employees and it is going to be an amazing place to work, if for only a few years or the rest of my working life. Who knows? The sky is the limit currently and there are MANY chances for advancement within the company.

Lastly, last night was my first official party of the new home. 25+ friends of mine came out to celebrate and hang at my new home. We played games, laughed and just had a lot of fun. It truly was an amazing time and I am so happy they all joined me. It was also Brittney's birthday, which we also celebrated :)

For now, life is pretty good. I can't complain too much! I am so thankful for all my friends and family who have helped me get to where I am now. Of life!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dear FutureMe

So the following is from an amazing website that I stumbledupon back in 2009. This website allows you to write letters that will be sent in email form to yourself and others. You write what you want to say, pick a date at least a year in the future and send it out.

This letter I wrote to myself last year. I had received a letter I had written to myself in 2009 and I logged back on to the website to write another.

But the coolest thing about this website is you forget what you write to yourself. Life happens in the year(s) that intervene and when you finally get the letter snuggled in your email, you are touched by the things you said to yourself. I received this one this morning and I shed a tear. What I wrote to myself made me smile, laugh, think and inspired me to keep doing what I am doing. If you want to read, it is below.

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed 11 months and 29 days ago, on May 19, 2012. It is being delivered from the past through

Dear FutureMe,

First off, you should have graduated college by now. Congratulations if you have. If you haven't, there better be a good reason missy!

Life is interesting. I say this because as life has passed us (as in you and I...which is just me), many things have happened and well "we" have learned some amazing things about ourself and the world.

I hope that when you get this email, you haven't lost track of what you want to do with your life. I hope this finds you in a wonderful happy place. I hope that you are finding solace in the life that you are beginning to lead and have found a way to finally leave the past behind. Just about a month ago, you outed the whole family and they all became very upset with you. I'm curious if things have changed with that relationship or if you're still living at a distance that you have been for the past month now.

Sometimes, the truth hurts. Remember that. And if you aren't on speaking terms with them, don't worry about it. If they matter and they care, they will eventually come around. Right now, remember that you have some amazing friends that you have made into your family.

And an amazing boyfriend. I am curious if you and Kevin are still together a year from now. I sure hope so! If you are, you'll have been together for over a year (17 months to be exact) and well, that is awesome. I really hope that the promise you made him on March 15, 2012 stays true, because he is such a gentleman and so perfect for you.

And Zac, I hope you are still really good friends with him. He makes you think, constantly. And that's not a bad thing, don't get me wrong. He has found a way to bring you out of the pain that you have been dealing with for years and finally make you strong and brave enough to face it (instead of burying it in the deep hole that you had for years).

Right now you are probably trying to figure out what the hell you are going to do with you life now that you have your Bachelor's Degree. Just remember to take each day as they come. You can only do so much, and focusing on tomorrow (which is probably what you're doing a lot of right now) will make you forget what is happening right in front of you. Yes, good luck with whatever the world takes you, but also don't let it all pass you by. Enjoy your days, smile often, laugh tons and be happy.

And also remember that life isn't fair. I know, cliche. But, you of all people should understand this one. You're a fighter. You've beaten the odds in many different ways. And you know what, you'll keep beating those odds if you keep your wonderful attitude that you have now. Know that right now you may experience a lot of rejection as you try to find a job that will become your career. Don't settle. Keep striving for the best. You are worth it and YOU deserve it. You haven't fought this hard and this long to just give in to what's easy. Make a difference because YOU can.

This may be a great time to look back at your life. Think of the people you have love and lost. Think of the people you have met along the way who have changed you. This may be the perfect moment to thank them for everything they have done. Take time, make some calls today. I'm sure that they will appreciate it, and it'll make you realize that you have met some amazing people in your life and will keep meeting and finding friendships in wonderful people.

And just remember to relax and enjoy the ride. Remember to not sweat the small stuff because in the end, it doesn't matter. It's all small things, life goes on, troubles come and go. Remember that you always have people to lean on and that when the going gets tough, don't be afraid to ask for help.

And be happy. That's all the matters in the end. Be happy.

Lots of love and good luck in the future.

Your past self