Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Lengths Women Go For Their Hair

So about a month ago, I moved into a new apartment. I was in love with this apartment and was over the moon to finally be living there. 

But everything wasn't perfect. My hair. Now this may sound shallow to some and not like me, but it bothered me. When I lived in my old home, I only had to wash my hair twice a week and it would stay beautiful, soft and flowy. I loved it.

My new problem started very soon after I moved. My hair wouldn't stay as clean as long. I took it as the weather getting warm and I was sweating more. No big deal, I'll wash it more. Then it would get to the point where I would wash it at night and wake up to it being gross, greasy and hard to pull a brush through. It was flat and just not beautiful. 

So I tried a new shampoo. I grabbed one of those shampoos without the sulfates and such that are left behind. It worked for about 1 week. Soon my hair was feeling greasy while it was still wet. I would blow it dry and it would be gross.

This is where Google came in. I trolled online forums for people who had the same problem. And most of the solutions that were found came right from your cup boards at home.

So I thought, why not? I'll give it a try. In came my saviors:

- Original Listerine
- Apple Cider Vinegar
- Witch Hazel
- Baking Soda
- Garnier Fructis Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
- A deep conditioner

1. I started with the vinegar and witch hazel. I used 1/3 cup of vinegar, about 2 tablespoon of witch hazel and enough water for 1 cup of solution.

I poured this over my DRY hair and left it on for 20 minutes while I went around doing things around the house. Rub thus into your scalp before letting it sit!

Now you will smell like a pickle but do t worry, this smell won't last. After about 20 minutes, jump in the shower and rinse it all the way out. You may notice a change in your hair texture already. Mine felt dry- don't worry, the deep conditioner will help this.

2. Next I used my old shampoo for this step. Don't worry about this at all. Pour the amount of shampoo you use for your hair in your hand and put some dry baking soda in it. Mix in your hand to make a paste and apply to your hair- mainly into your scalp and massage on. Really get in there! Then rinse.

3. Next came the Listerine. I poured a capful through my hair from scalp down. This will feel cold and tingly. It felt good to me but for some it may be too much. I rubbed this into my scalp and let it sit for a minute then rinsed.

4. After that, I used the tea tree shampoo to cleanse my hair and some of the dry feeling went away. Rinse.

5. Lastly I used a deep conditioner in my hair. The kind I used was Herbal Essence Hydraliscious. I applied liberally and let sit on my hair for a few. Use more at the ends but don't forget to give you roots a little love too. Rinse well.

I found my hair texture had approved tenfold with this and when I blow dried it after the shower, my hair was silky and smooth- much like it used to feel!