Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Fun in the Sun!

So, I have been busy like usual...and last night I was lying in bed and I realized I hadn't really updated this in a couple weeks! How time flies when you're having fun in the sun!

Flint really isn't the greatest of places to get out and do things at times, I'm not going to lie. It's not like I am going to go out for a walk by myself all the time. Luckily, I have some awesome people who have made sure I got out of the building and soaked up some Vitamin D. 

The weekend after Memorial Day was Zac's Movie Party. Though it ended earlier than expected, lots of Rockband and stuff was had...and it was still rather enjoyable. Oh and Clue! I hadn't watched Clue in a long time and I love all the different endings that it has at the end.

I love all the different faces we make while playing Rockband hahaha (I was singing!)

The next week, Katrina and Jessica came out to Flint to spend a "Girls night" with me in my apartment. We watched several movies, painted our nails, played pool, Rockband was had and shared many laughs. Oh and I made them some Amelia spaghetti. They approved. 
These girls were real pool sharks (this was taken on my iPod, so it's not the BEST quality!)
Then that Friday we planned an impromptu trip to Caseville. Leaving in the afternoon, Katrina, Erin, Jessica, Patrick, Amanda, Guida and I took the 1 1/2 hour drive through the fields of the Thumb to go to Port Crescent State Park. The day was kinda gloomy (and a tad chilly at times) but there was no one there and it was nice actually swimming in a Great Lake (it had been a couple summers since I can say I did that)! We had a ton of fun, fed the seagulls (though I think that was a mistake) and well...were our usual selves.
Jess and I on the beach in Caseville :) 
This past couple weeks have been full of what I call, "beach bumming." After getting my sticker for the state parks, I have been using it like crazy. The Sunday and Monday after Caseville I visited the Holly State Rec Area with Kevin and others at times. Then this past Thursday (and also this upcoming Thursday) a few of us went to the Hadley/Metamora State Rec area. I love the beach, and well, I've just been trying to get in as much sun as I possibly can! (I'm actually starting to look tan...I approve!)
The group playing around on the beach in Caseville!
After the beach, I ended up going on one very long hike with Zac and a couple of his friends in Bloomer Park. Though I was tired, and well...it was tough for me because I'm not so physically fit...I DID make it through it and well...it was rather enjoyable. I did get in a nice workout whilst outside. Afterwards, we went up to Imlay City for some ice cream and then I joined Abijah, Cass and one of Cass' friends for some drinks at Jesters.

Last Tuesday dropped a big change that will effect how the next year of my life will go. I learned that one of the RA's was let go for the summer and after work, Sara asked me if I would like to start early in my position as RA... immediately! It was both exciting and kinda sad at the same time. That morning, I got my keys to my new RA room on the 12th floor (I was excited for the 12th floor...I like being high up.) The apartment, which is all to myself, is awesome...and huge! The moving part kinda stinks, but at least I have plenty of time to get my stuff up there (and I'm getting there...slowly). The sad part was the dates the other RA had picked. Since I wasn't hired on at the time the summer calendar was made, I had to take on their days. And well...it hit most of the things I had planned this summer. After trying to switch some days, I learned that I would not be able to go to Rebecca's wedding on the 30th, or Warped Tour on the 6th of July (and I'm stuck in the building for the 4th). In the end, it was worth it. As of July, I stop paying rent. I got my phone turned off, and well, I know I can budget the time I do have to get out of the building and the weeks off to still have a quality summer (since I have been lucky enough to have one so far.)

Sunset from the 2nd night in my new room...what a view from the 12th floor (that building is Hurley btw)
This past weekend was spent at Kevin's house. I won't be able to see him much when I'm on duty, so I wanted to get some hang out time in. We chilled Saturday night and Sunday, as it was Father's day, I made my well known Peanut Butter Cheesecake, we all had a relaxing day and grilled up some steaks for dinner. It was really a nice change!
Kevin's dad feeding the duck (that they named Momo) that comes up to their house a couple times a day. We didn't learn how persistent she was until Sunday when she dared to try to get past their dog for over an hour (it WAS kinda entertaining)

This week I am beach bumming again on Thursday, getting some coffee with the gang tonight and just moving everything. Starting Sunday, I have 2 weeks of being on duty. During the week, I am allowed to do whatever before 5 pm, but am stuck in the buildings at night (with no guests) and all day Saturday and Sunday. Until the 8th of July. I told myself if I can do 2 weeks in a row, well I can do anything this fall when all the residents move back in (we currently only have about 60 people in the building). During these 2 weeks, I won't be working at the desk, which will be kinda a nice time off for a bit, in a way anyway.

But if anyone feels like grabbing some lunch during the week, I would be SOOO happy to join you. Just saying *hint hint*

As for future plans, the 14th of July I am spending the night in Caseville with Molly, Aunt Sue and Uncle Steve. I'm guessing more beach bumming shall happen. The next weekend, which would naturally be the tubing bash, but as I'm sure I'll never attend that ever again, Kevin will be holding a bonfire at his house...and that is gonna be fun. The next weekend after that is Ben, Sarah and Boesler's cute baby boy's, first birthday...which of course I couldn't NOT attend!

So Amelia's busy as usual. Hope you all are doing well :)

Oh...and here's a cool website I found this morning if you want to find off the wall and AWESOME things...I want everything haha. 

1. Over You- Miranda Lambert
2. Hold On To What You Believe- Mumford and Sons
3. Pontoon- Little Big Town
4. The Sound of a Million Dreams- David Nail
5. Slice- Five For Fighting
6. Drive By- Train
7. Glad You Came- The Wanted

I felt like adding this at the end, it just kinda sorta sums up my summer so far!

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