Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day!

So, I ended up having a 5 day weekend this past weekend and was all really grand!!! I got to spend some time with MANY of the people I love and just relax. 

First off, WELCOME TO SUMMER!!! This was the weekend when it all really sunk in that everything is going to be changing BUT that this is the time of my life.

Friday I was off to the beach with Jessica. She is one of my fellow RA's (and my current RA on the 3rd floor) and such a sweetheart! We wanted to get some beach time in and Friday ended up being the best day. After getting up, we were off to Walmart to cash my check (as Friday was also payday) and grab some refreshments for the beach. We loaded up the cooler and headed to Holly. We hit a momentary snag when we found out they don't do day passes but the seasonal passes are only $10. We ended up meeting at Kevin's house and heading there with him. We enjoyed the lovely beach at the Holly State Recreation Area, which is about 3 miles from Kevin's house. We were there for like 4/5 hours and enjoyed the water, sun, and spending some time together. It was rather nice. 

Then Jessica and I were headed back where we stopped at Walmart again to pick up some food for dinner (I made steaks w/ sauteed mushrooms and onions and green beans for the both of us) and some Aloe as some major sunburn was showing up (but only on the places that I PUT sunscreen, odd).

The next morning I was up for work then I was off to Lapeer with Kevin. We grabbed some subway and hung out at Zac's house for a bit with Luna and Dave (it was the day after Luna's birthday). We all split ways a little while later so Luna could finish her preparing for her birthday party a few hours later. I decided I was done with my long hair and got a haircut (it doesn't look drastic but I cut about 4 inches off...). Then we went to Walmart to spare some time (I went to Walmart a lot lol). Then when Kevin and I were leaving to take the 5 minute drive to Luna's I didn't see any reason not to put my windows down (who needs AC). But his wouldn't go down with my switch, so he put it down on his side. Getting to Luna's the window was stuck down. 
Boys taking apart my door lolz
So while I was chilling with Luna, Dave and Kevin had my door apart in the road in front of Luna's house trying to get the window to go up. No use at that time. But there were more important worries, like having an AMAZING time at Luna's birthday party. 
One dangerous trio on the couch!

Birthday girl in a classy top hat! :)
And we did. SOOOO much fun. The group of us chilled (literally it was kinda cold down there) in the basement. We played Sour Apples to Apples, talked, laughed and just had our normal shenanigans. I really love my friends, we could be doing totally nothing but have an amazing time doing it! I was sad when I had to take the cold drive (because the window was stuck down) to work until 5 am later in the evening.

My car got to look like it was broken into by someone for about 2 nights. I'm glad that no one broke into it while it was parked in Flint like this!

And I was up Sunday afternoon (after pulling an all-nighter, I needed some major sleep) to head to Kevin's for his family's Memorial Day BBQ. They had some family friends over that I got to know and a couple of his aunts. Zac also joined us for a bit. We ate good food and just chilled for awhile. I spent that night over there that night (as I had had a few drinks).

Monday was a chill day (though is felt like an oven). We just all hung around Kevin's house. At one point, Kevin decided to go try to get my window up and success. It's mostly up (enough to not really leak and there is no wind coming in) which means that the real repair can wait until the fall when I have money to pay someone to do it. That night we ate like kings...Kevin's dad made ribs on the grill all afternoon...SOOOOO GOOOD!!!

Tuesday was another Lapeer day. And nothing beats those days really! I met up with Zac, Guida and the Graebert sisters at Trina's house. We played some Euchre and Boesler came by with Baby Ben (who is probably the cutest baby I have EVER seen in my life!) We played some Volleyball, more cards and then went to hang out at Boesler's to watch a movie. After Baby Ben was in bed and Boesler had to head that way himself, we left and ended up grabbing some Tim Horton's and hanging in Zac's basement watching Vampire Diaries for awhile. Then we made a late night Fast food run and ended up curling up in a million blankets on Zac's trampoline. There we were; Trina, Erin, Hoffa, Zac and I, all on the trampoline talking about just about everything (including naming 49 of the US states and their capitols) as we looked up at the stars and in the end watched the sun rise before heading our separate directions around 7:30 AM.

Baby Ben (on Uncle Guida's lap) is gonna be a future card shark :)

Let's just say, much sleep was needed after all of that. But I can't wait for more to happen. Summer 2012, welcome!

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