Friday, May 25, 2012


So, the last real "update" I've had on my life happened over 20 days ago. I know, crazy huh? But it has been quite a May that I haven't really taken the time to sit down and breathe.

So I'll start at the beginning. On the 5th, I was off to Grand Rapids with my best friend's mother and my friend Guida to see Katrina graduate. I know, I had a whole post I was going to give to telling everyone all about this. But...well I kept forgetting to do it while I was at work. So, I guess I get to now. :)

We left Flint nice and early and in our 2 hour drive, I spent countless of minutes keeping Katrina's mom from going insane at times and keeping the peace. BUT, I was so happy to get there and have a wonderful day. We had lunch at The Hop Cat which, as I mentioned before, has these things called crack fries. They were better this time, it was nice. Then we were off to her graduation. I am so proud of Katrina and well the day was wonderful. The ceremony wasn't too atrociously long and I got to see my best friend received her Bachelor of Arts in History in front a ton of people.
SHE GRADUATED!!! Katrina, Guida and I after the ceremony!
Afterwards we went back to her apartment to chill and then went to this wonderful Italian restaurant that she had wanted to try in all her 4 years in Grand Rapids. And it was wonderful! Her Aunt Patty paid all us college kids (Katrina, Erin, Guida and I) $5 each to stop her from eating dessert as she was on a diet. We were of course, happy to oblige. (oh and I tried Canoli for the first time, sooooo good!)

My best friend...the crazy? college grad!

Between then and now, I've been working up a storm. I took every shift I possibly could so that I could make as much money as I could. Early in May, I was told by a friend who is an RA that Sara, the RD was looking for more RA's and that she was curious if I was still interested in the position (I had applied before but didn't get it). So I gave it some major thought, scheduled an interview and waited. Well, as of this morning I GOT THE JOB! In the fall, I'll be joining some of the people I love as a fellow coworker while working the desk. It's gonna be an interesting journey, but it will be grand experience and I can't wait to start.

The week after Katrina's graduation started what made me feel like "summer" had arrived. It's weird how that happens, you've been on summer vacation for a couple weeks but you don't think it's really there until a moment. That moment hit in the middle of the week as I was driving home from Kevin's (I always go over there on Wednesdays for dinner and such). The windows were down, the sun was setting and I was driving down a back road and I smiled. And was so happy in that moment.

And movies, oh have I seen some movies this May. I went to see "The Lucky One" at the beginning of the month with Tanisha and Stephanie (she owns Jilly's pizza). Then the next week, Kevin, Tanisha and I went to see "The Avengers" (SO GOOD!). Not much later, Kevin and I went to see "Dark Shadows." 

Mothers Day came and well, I celebrated it in a way that most really can't. While others are celebrating their mothers, I was celebrating everyone's mother. I went over to Kevin's that night for dinner, brought a cake and we ate the whole thing (it must've been good) between the 5 of us. 

One of the funniest and one of my favorite pictures from the bonfire :)
The next weekend, aka last weekend, was another fun one. Zac had a bonfire at his house, and in tradition (since I've been to only 1 before) we stayed up all night having many laughs and so much fun. Like St. Patty's day, we were sitting next to the fire and we noticed the sky lightening in the east and laughed. Trina, Jessica and I retired to the trampoline where we laughed, talked and ended up singing "I Like Big Butts" really loudly. But soon the sun was up and being on the trampoline, it got hot real fast so we went inside.  It's crazy that putting together so many of my closest friends and a couple cousins (My cousin Nate Kinch has been a friend of the Sanborn's for years and Molly came too!) it can just be a fun and safe night. Let's just say when I got home at 10 am Sunday morning, I went to bed and slept until 8 pm!

Us crazy girls on the trampoline at sunrise!

That brings us to pretty much now. This week I found out about the RA position and hung out with Kevin a bit. It's always nice seeing him as I enjoy his company. This weekend should be another fun one. It looks something like this:


2-5 am: Work
12:30pm: headed to the beach for the afternoon
10pm-2am: work
9am-2pm: work
After 2: off to Lapeer for lunch with Luna and her birthday party
2am-5am: work
afternoon: headed to kevin's to chill

So who needs sleep? It's going to be such a fun weekend though and I can sleep when I'm dead (or next week, whichever comes first...just kidding!)

Hope everything is wonderful with you all! <3

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