Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Election: A Reaction Post

So, here is another post about the election...yup I know, you are probably tired of this election by now. But, we all have our own opinions on how we wanted things to go yesterday and well...I feel like some things need to be said.

Our new President of the United States is...

Barak Obama. I'm pretty sure you know this by now. And while I have some friends who were upset that our President is going to be around for another 4 years, I am not. Yes, I voted for President Obama.

In general, I tend to lean towards the democrats. My views and their views seem to line up in general. But, I also like to be informed. So, I listened to what Romney/Ryan said in their speeches and debates. I listened. Some of the things that Romney said were not okay. As a woman, I was not in agreement in the overturn of Roe vs. Wade for one. That huge court case gave women rights in general. I am not here to fight for abortion (or against it), but that court case gave women more rights than just abortion. It showed that we are important and that what happens with our bodies should be our decision.

Planned Parenthood, though they do offer abortions for women where it is legal, also does many other services for women AND men. They test for STDs, offer mammograms and cervical cancer screenings and help keep us a fee that is based off of your income so it is affordable for all Americans. I have used Planned Parenthood for birth control, and while some people don't believe in birth control, some people need it. I have a friend who actually has hormone issues and their use of birth control is for a medical issue. She shouldn't have to pay out of pocket for that, and I agree. Insurance coverage of birth control is a very important issue near and dear to my heart.

As a woman, I couldn't even let myself vote for Romney as the differences in interest was just too much. Obviously, there are other things I was unhappy in what the governor said, but I am not going to beat this into the ground. Am I happy that Obama won. I am not going to drag Romney supporters through the dirt since some of them are very near and dear to my heart. You can believe what you believe and well...I guess you can complain about it too.

This is all I want to say. Obama won, you can't change that now. It is time to take the next 4 years and let things happen! I remember reading how Congress was filibustering EVERYTHING these past few years so that "Obama would be a one term President" and tried to use that argument that Obama got nothing done. He didn't get it done because you wouldn't let him.

So, lets come together. Let's be nicer to our fellow man, no matter if he is a Republican or Democrat (or Libertarian, or Green!), and be a little nicer. Karma is a crazy thing but it will come back to you when you are nice to people. In another 4 years, you can rise up and choose whomever you want for President and there will be all new candidates. Just some food for thought.

Ballot Proposals...

So, Michigan had a lot of proposals on the ballot. And they all failed. Now there were a couple I didn't want and I voted no for. I mean, I don't care if they want to build a bridge to Canada without hearing from us. I pay taxes too! But they have money for these bridges and if the people don't want still just sits there. Part of our budget is for that international bridge.

Collective bargaining...really? You didn't pass it? Don't you remember the Flint Sit-down strike? Our state is built upon unions with our huge ties in the auto business. Unions BUILT our state. And you are going to deny those the ability to get together and bargain? Really?

As for the home health care One of the major things that proposal would give was a list of home health care workers who had background checks. Home care is cheaper than sending our elders into a  home and research shows that many have a better life living at home than in the home. Depression in nursing homes is a major thing that accounts for much of the decline of our family members. Why wouldn't you want a list of qualified individuals who are going to be taking care of YOUR parents? They are going to come in and care for their needs.

A step towards equality...

Last night, we elected the first gay Senator. Three other states also made gay marriage legal making a total of 7 states that it is now legal in. That for me is awesome.

I have many friends who are homosexual and I am close to them. I hope that eventually Michigan will join the bandwagon and I can see these friends marry. This is my basis, if you don't believe in gay marriage...don't get gay married.

I am happy that we have made some strides towards a new tomorrow of equality for these individuals that want to express their love.

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