Thursday, November 1, 2012

Month of Giving Comes to a Close

So my birth month is over (boo D:) but it was a fun month for sure. And of course I was finishing my random acts of kindness! See them below!

You may also notice the little dog in my photos for this installment. That is Spot! Each week, the RA's pass Spot around as a weekly recognition of someone who did something nice or was just really awesome for the week. This week, I got Spot! Nick gave me him because of my calm handling of last week's building evacuation/fire issue. So Spot got to join in on the fun this week :)
Spot couldn't decide what he wanted at Starlite the other night!

17.  Safe Trick-or-treat for kids in Flint

This past Sunday, Riverfront put together a safe trick or treat for kids in Flint. This event provided a safe environment (away from the dangers of crime) for kids who can come from some scary neighborhoods in this city. We had about 70 kids and their families come by to join us for halloween games, a coloring contest, a costume contest and LOTS of candy! It was adorable seeing lots of little kids in their costumes (at the age where they are excited to get all dressed up) and giving them candy!

Spot was trying to steal all the candy before the kids arrived! Bad Spot :P

18. Cooked for a friend

Last Wednesday night there was a small fire in my building, enough to set off the sprinklers in their apartment and causing a full evacuation of the building into the street for 3 hours. After all was said and done, 8 apartments were moved due to water damage and Nick and I being on duty didn't get to chill out and calm down until after midnight. That was when we realized we had eaten all day. I was cooking dinner when the alarms went off and had to get people out of the building. My chicken was ruined by the time I got up there at 1 am. So, I grabbed some more chicken from my freezer, went down to Nick's room, and cooked Tanisha and Nick some 1:30 AM. Either way, they were happy to eat it and Nick and I talked until around 4 am that night. Sleep just wasn't going to happen after dealing with an emergency like that.

19.Took Notes for a friend who was home sick

This fall has been rough. I know that I have spent some days sick out of my mind and home. For my friend Abijah, the poor thing lost her voice and didn't make it into class. So, I took her good notes in the class that we have together, and sent them to her so that she could stay as updated as possible!

20. Gave Free Stuff (including gift cards) to random residents

On Tuesday, I walked over to campus and bought three $5 gift cards for Jilly's Pizza, a pizza place that I know the owners rather well. I wrote out 3 cards and gave the residents a task. I said the first 3 people to stop by my door would get an awesome long as they said, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good!" Of course, I knew there would be more than 3 people that would stop by, so I filled a basket with bags of chips, bottled water, candy, cookies, and pop so that those who stopped by later would have something else to take with them.

At around 4:45pm (I wrote that it would be between 5 PM and 12 AM), one of my residents texted me and told me that I already had 3 people waiting! Three lovely ladies from the 10th floor (one I hadn't met before!) got the gift cards, and about 12 other people stopped by throughout the night and left with a free snack and a smile on their face. When asked why I was doing this, I just explained how I was celebrating my birth month and they thought it was really cool. Maybe I inspired someone to at least pay it forward
Spot joined me by chilling in the basket of goodies. :)

21. Bought a movie ticket for a friend

Every October for the past few years, there has been a Paranormal Activity released. During the very first one, my friend Luna and her family took me down to Ann Arbor to see it. At that time, it was only showing in 15 theaters in the country, and the theater in Ann Arbor was the only one in Michigan. I always have fond memories of that night.

So, every year since, we have gone to see the next installment the first weekend it is out. This year, Paranormal Activity 4 was playing. And I'm not going to lie, I was excited to see it. And I wanted to see it with some friends. So Luna and I picked a time and invited our friends Hoffa and Jessica. Hoffa was a little short, so I decided, I can just get your ticket for you. I hadn't seen him in awhile and I wanted I did!

22. Donated Clothes

When my old roommate Mindu moved out, she left behind a bag of clothes. It had been sitting and moving from apartment to apartment this summer. So, I decided it was finally time to take it to Goodwill. So I went through my closet, grabbed some clothes that I haven't worn in years and those that didn't fit right, bagged them up, and dropped them off at the local salvation army.

I hope someone enjoys the clothing and it helps them stay clothed this winter. 

Other happenings:

The weekend of the 20th was the big Michigan vs Michigan State game. Michigan barely pulled out the win. I watched it with some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Last Wednesday, we had a small fire on my floor that caused 8 apartments to be flooded and a total evacuation of the building for 3+ hours. And I was on duty. It was an interesting night that ended with me not getting to sleep until well past 4 am.

The fire department received a round of applause by the residents when they arrived.

This past weekend was another Sanborn clan party for Halloween. I dressed up as "accident prone" and had plenty of shenanigans with my friends in Lapeer. 

Sunday night, Nick and his boyfriend Matt and I went to St. Lucifer's Haunted Asylum. It was Nick's first haunted house and we had a good time...even while waiting in the cold, windy line for 2 1/2 hours!

1. Sign of the Times- Three Days Grace
2. What I've Done- Linkin Park
3. Start of Something New- Daughtry
4. Broken Glass- Three Days Grace
5. Payphone- Maroon 5
6. Gangnam Style- Psy
7. Hummingbird- Alex Clare
8. How to Save a Life- The Fray
9. Save Me- Shinedown
10. Broken Crown- Mumford and Sons

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