Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birthday-ness and More Acts of Kindness!

My birthday week finally got here!!!!!!!! Yay!!! On Monday I turned 22 and had a blast with some friends getting some food. I've been celebrating all week long by doing different things. I love all these people I have in my life :)

Today is sweetest day (a made up Hallmark Holiday that I don't like at all) but Kevin still got me a rose and some chocolates. He's the best.

I've been hard at work on my random acts of kindness. Here are some more below!

8. Helped a worker at the supermarket clean up someone else's mess.
I worked at Meijer, though I wasn't a stock person or anything. But I know through my work there that people are messy. And half the time they don't want to fess up for the messes that they make and walk away...leaving them there.

These people are rude.

Anyway, the other day I was shopping at Meijer and noticed that someone had knocked a bunch of soup cans off the shelf and that someone was rushing to the aisle to clean them up. I hunched down and helped him restack them onto the shelf. He had an appreciative smile on his face as we joked about people not cleaning up after themselves.

9. Renewed my membership to Gift of Life
So, when I renewed my license, I hadn't gotten my heart on it as I had before registered for gift of life. So, I renewed my registration and once again got my heart. Just the small things but you never know, when I pass away, they may be able to use some organ of mine...and save a life.

10. Brought donuts back to the people on duty last weekend.
Saturday evening, I met some friends at Past Tense in Lapeer, a cider mill. I love their cider and donuts and grabbed some. A couple of my fellow RAs were on duty and had a rough I brought them back a donut to brighten their day.

11. Congratulated a newly engaged couple.
So, I'm at the age, everyone is either getting engaged, married or having babies. One of my friends got engaged over the weekend, and I took the initave to personally congratulate them on the next step towards their new life together.

12. Adopted a soldier
This is something that I've wanted to do for awhile now. But I used this as a reason to actually do it! On Thursday, I went to the website and registered to adopt a soldier. This morning, I got my email with the information of the soldier I adopted. Though I can't say much as to where my soldier is stationed and such, I did just email him to let him know that a letter and will be in the mail soon!

13. Bought a drink for a friend
It was my friend Cass' birthday this past week also so I bought her a drink at the bar when we went out the other night.

14. Wore pink and donated to breast cancer!
One of our local fraternity houses had a Thursday night party to save the boobies. SO...I donned some pink, donated to the cause and had a nice night out with friends :)

In memory of my beautiful mother! 

15. Shared my food with everyone.
Today, some friends and I went to our local Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the big Michigan/Michigan State game (spoilers: Michigan won!!!) and I got some food that I shared around the table...including an amazing dessert nacho. Seriously, get it in the next time you are there!

btw...those are cheesecake balls in the middle. Rolled in graham crackers and deep fried....
16. Gave our waitress a nice huge tip.
So normally, as a college student, we can give the 10% tip but not much more. Today at Bduds, we were there for like 5 hours watching the game, and our waitress was nice...even giving us a fresh refill of pop after we had not paid attention to it when I was drinking my cocktail. So I gave her a nicer than normal tip. She was very thankful when I got up to leave that she came over to thank me in general. Always nice to make someone smile!


  1. Love that you helped out at the store. I worked at a craft store, which was a nightmare to clean up at closing. Now, I try to put stuff where it goes, and I'll even pull product to the front and face the labels properly. Lol it's the little things!

    1. When I worked at Meijer, though I never stocked or anything, I became aware of just how lazy people if I can make someone's job a little easier, I know they appreciate it!