Friday, October 5, 2012

2 Random Acts

So it's giving October. And it's been an interesting few days. But I did catch up on a couple acts of kindness!

1. Caught up on birthday posts.

So as I know it's my birth month, I know how awesome it feels when your friends fill up your wall with well wishes that you have lived another year. But these past few days I have had internet issues, little time and such to get on there. One of my ongoing acts of kindness will be to make sure to tell every other October baby to have a happy birthday. This includes those I missed. So I wrote a quick apology, wrote a nice happy birthday and went on my merry way! I hope that even my late message will bring a little smile to their face.

2. Random Wall Messages

So, I also know, as an avid Facebook user, just how awesome getting a random message from a friend on your wall. You log on, see that little red "1" and wonder what's going on. Then you see that someone you did expect has written on your wall and you light up with a smile. Sometimes you continue a conversation with that person to see how they are, sometimes you just give them a nice thank you. Either way, you both get a smile!

I went to my friend's list and just picked 10ish people at random. Feels good!

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