Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some More Kind Things, Happy October!

So I haven't been updating recently....SORRY! It's been a busy month! But here are some of the nice things I've done for people so far this month:

3. Helped a lady at Olive Garden With her dropped boxes.

So, A few of us went to Olive Garden for lunch last Saturday. It was a windy, October day just like it really has been lately (Mother Nature is doing her job this year). When we were leaving, one of the workers was carrying out a bunch of boxes to the dumpster when a wind hit her and she dropped most of them. Jasmin and I helped her get them back into her hands so that she could go on her merry way since she had others in her hand that she didn't drop...and would have dropped them if she bent down. With a quick smile, and a thank you, I made her day a bit easier.

4. Donated to a Children's Hospital.

After Olive Garden, we went to Spirit of Halloween to get our costumes for this years upcoming halloween events. After looking around the store, finding what I needed, we checked out. At the register, the lady asked if I wanted to donate $1 to a local children's hospital. Of course I did, it was just a dollar, but adding my name to that wall with others who also pledged the same...made me feel pretty good. Tanisha and Abijah also donated with me!

5. Held the door for everyone that needed it one day.

On Monday, I spent a few extra seconds holding the door for people around campus. It's not a big thing, but people really do appreciate it. Plus, I got to share a smile with people on a Monday...which we all know aren't everyone's favorite days!

6. Gave one of my residents a piece of pie for his birthday.

One of my residents of my floor had his birthday this week. On Monday, I went shopping for food and such and grabbed a caramel apple pie from meijer (because I wanted to give it a try of course!). I remembered it was his birthday, so when I sliced it, I grabbed a paper plate and took him a piece too. He was thrilled and thoroughly enjoyed it.

7. Brightened one of my coworker's day

One of my coworkers was having a bad day yesterday, poor thing. So I gave her my ear and some pudding and helped her feel better. All in a good days work!

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