Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daughtry/3 Doors Down VIP Amazingness

So on February 1st, I had the pleasure of seeing my favorite band and 5th favorite band in concert together. And can I say it was an amazing night.

When Daughtry and 3 Doors Down announced a tour together, I wanted to go. When they announced a Detroit show in December, I wasn't able to go to it. And well, I was really sad. But I got over it. Then over Christmas, I got an email from the Daughtry fan club that a 2013 leg of the tour was announced with a Michigan date, February 1st in Battle Creek. When I had gathered up the money, I decided to go all out and get the VIP package.

And it was literally the best concert experience ever. Seriously. Before I go into more detail, if you are ever going to a concert of a band you adore, and have the chance to get VIP tickets...DO IT!

So, I took my 2 hours drive to Battle Creek yesterday afternoon. The VIPers for this show had to be there at 3:30PM to check in. There were about 40 of us in total. We checked in, got our snazzy VIP lanyards and waited for the bands to be ready. I didn't get my ticket until I got there, so I didn't know were I was sitting until arriving. I was ecstatic about getting a 4th row seat! While waiting, we got the meet and greet rules. There were 3 rules we had to follow:

1. No kissing any of the band members...since they are all married.
2. No touching Chris' bald head
3. Don't tell the band any sad/personal stories that could be upsetting. If we would like to share that with the bands, we were told to write it out in an email.

And we were off. They told us to get as near the barricade as we wanted for the VIP soundcheck party. This was where both leads from the bands, and random members from both bands (guitar, drums, bass, etc) were up on stage and they played us several songs. It was pretty cool because they would look down and defintely sing portions to each and every one of us. And he was so close. I got some amazing pictures!

After the sound check, we were ushered to one of the back halls to wait for the meet and greet. We got to take a turn meeting all the members of both bands by ourselves (or with a group if we had one and wanted to). I was alone, so I went in alone and I was so excited. I was so giddy (and it made us all laugh) and I was just like, "Can I give you a hug?" And Chris obliged. Yeah. Best thing EVER. I of course gave one to Brad from 3 Doors Down too. Then they put their arms around me and I got my picture in the middle of both bands!

When our meet and greet was over, we were sent out to do whatever we needed after getting our signed poster and t-shirt. I went to put some stuff in my car and buy some merch. I grabbed myself a zip-up hoodie which is soooo warm and a tour shirt with the 2013 dates. Then I went to wait in my seat. As VIP, all the staff treat you just like one. Several of the security guards and a couple of us struck up a conversation before the show. They were telling me some of the best excuses people would try to use to get backstage. It was hilarious!

Then Aranda came on. I had never heard of them before but, they are seriously really good. They have a great sound and are fun to see perform. On their last number, their guitarist was showing off by playing his guitar like a piano...and then he asked the audience for a boot. One of the girls in the 1st row threw hers up there and he played his guitar with that! It was pretty sweet really and great fun.
When they played the guitar with that woman's boot!

Then Daughtry was on. And well, what can I say. Since the moment Chris was on American Idol, he was a performer. He knows how to perform well and he sounds amazing live (which you have to in order to even make it anywhere on AI). He played a lot of his music from his new CD, and threw in some of his best songs from earlier CDs, It was quite wonderful. Brad from 3 Doors Down even came out to join them for a song.
4th row was awesome!

Then 3 Doors Down was on before I knew it. Not to lie, I was a little let down but that may be because I could listen to Daughtry for hours and hours. But 3 Doors Down was also amazing. Brad is extremely polite and thanked us after every song for being fans and for coming out. I was a little bummed they didn't play ,y favorite, which is "When You're Young," but I still loved their set. They played a lot of old stuff as they were promoting their Greatest Hits album so it was wonderful.
Brad from 3 Doors Down!

Then the night was over. But I won't forget it for a long time. I also met some pretty awesome people in the VIP opportunity. The mother who was there because her daughter was a fan like me. The fans that have enough money to see them in every city near them and were there in front of me (and were a tad jealous when I got a hug!), and a wonderful couple who were right next to me in the seating who partied, danced and sang with me the entire night long. What an experience.

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