Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Bit of an Update

Today I realized that I haven't really had an update about my life on here in awhile, and that it needed to happen. 

Life has been...busy. Which for me, is a pretty normal occurrence. Per usual, I was wary going into the holiday season due to the friction between my family and I as well as all the losses that the season has brought me in the past. This year was a nice surprise, as it was a calm and wonderful time with family and friends. In November, I went up north to my brother's house to celebrate his marriage to Jessica that happened in October. I think it is the start of renewing our relationship as I can actually see us becoming much closer in the next couple years.
I went bowling with my coworkers in December. We played crazy frames, this one was bowl with your feet.

That Thanksgiving, I spent it with Kevin and his family. It was a lovely affair, that is for sure, and I got to meet even more of his family. After that came the end of the semester crunch, which I was able to keep my head above water. I was worried about my classes, but I am happy to say that I finished the semester strong with 2 A's and 3 B's! 

Better watch yourself, I'll get you with the meat slicer Molly got me for Christmas.
Christmastime was upon us. I packed my weeks off with time spent with friends and seeing some that I haven't seen in a long time. I held my Christmas party again this year and we shared some lovely games of Cards Against Humanity and I received a nose hair trimmer as my white elephant gift (thanks Jasmin :P). 

Christmas was spent at Kevin's. I was on duty the weekend before, but I got off at 5pm on the 24th and basically headed to Kevin's as soon as I could. I spent 2 nights down there and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was very different from how my Christmases in the past have happened. Instead of getting all dressed up and making the trip around the state, I stayed at Kevin's. We opened presents (I got some pretty nifty things) and then relaxed all day. I read my Kindle and finished a book, something I hadn't done in awhile! Kevin played his game on his Playstation. We had a quiet family dinner of ham and enjoyed some Glühwein, which is a German heated wine. It was an experience and super yummy (for those who don't know, Kevin's mother is German and Kevin actually was born in Germany while his father was in the military!)
A bunch of us got together for a night of fun at a local dive. I love this boy <3

My brother and his wife stopped by just after Christmas to share some time before heading back to the north, and they had some exciting news. Jessica is pregnant! I will be a blood auntie in July!!! They have 2 kids already from Jessica's prior relationship that I call my niece and nephew, but this is the first child that is actually my brothers. 

My brother, the soon to be daddy!

New Year's Eve, I was on duty, so I just chilled with Nick who was also on with me. We shared some sparkling apple juice at midnight and just chilled. That week after was spent getting ready for school. Books were bought, sales were shopped and preparations were made for the semester to start. 
My "fancy" beverage for New Years.

Now in the 3rd week, it seems like this semester will be an interesting one. With all the changes at my job (some staff have left, some have moved to different positions and there is lots of unknown things), the loss of my Aunt Sue and Uncle Steve's house and my classes, these weeks have been busy but interesting. Plus there is the excitement and nervousness of the unknown that is post-graduation...which will be here before I know it. Life is just crazy.

But I love every moment of it.

I have some really awesome friends :)

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