Wednesday, April 24, 2013

End of College Life

So these past few weeks have found me trying to enjoy the last of what I have while taking all the craziness that life has to offer along the way.

Last Monday night, we had the power go out which ended up in one interesting night. First, it was one of our fellow RA's 21st birthdays, so those of us who weren't "working" at the time left the building and walked to a local bar. We celebrated his birthday...and I even had the bartender make a drink up AND it is part of their recipe book. SO, if you are ever at the Torch in Flint, order "That One Drink..." if you want something sweet and refreshing. Warning, it does have dairy, but it's still good.

We came back at 2 am...and the power was still out. So a bunch of us hung out in the lobby and played some board games until early in the morning. Liz went out to get some ice cream in the middle and since we had no power, everyone in the lobby shared the gallon (there WERE quite a few of us btw).

 The next day, I woke up and it was still out. We had a board game day so we played some more games (woo!) and in the middle, emergency power went out. Lets say, 4 RAs, 1 RD, 3 cell phones on low battery and no lights in the stairways makes for one interesting adventure. We had to make sure the lights were out on all floors...not my idea.

Later in the afternoon (17 hours after going out), the lights came back on and life was all good. Lately we have all been just trying to spend as much time together. Several of us, including me, are graduating in just over a week and we realize how much we will miss everyone. To that regard, almost nightly game nights have happened.

Friday was another one. We played some games. Then every semester, UM-Flint hosts a midnight breakfast where students can have breakfast at midnight for free before finals. A group of is crammed in nick's car and headed over there where we took up a large table and had a bunch of fun.

But it wasn't over then. We came back and played more games until Travis got off the front desk. Then we went to the beach.
At the beach in Port Huron

Yup, you read that right. A group of us drove at 5 am to Port Huron in order to see the sunrise. It wasn't too miraculous because of the clouds but we did have some fun, and it was just something random that we could say we did. We grabbed some warm food before heading back to Flint...and I could barely keep awake. I literally slept all day Saturday after returning, not waking up until 2 am on Sunday.
I'm gonna miss this girl (and Nick in the back!)
Yesterday morning, I finished the last assignments of my undergraduate degree. Now I wait for grades from professors, pack and get ready to move and graduate. Where I am moving to is up in the air still.

And I got a job offer from Diplomat Pharmacy this morning. I am floored. I was so excited that I cried afterwards. Finally, things are starting to be put into place.

And it feels good.

Onto my next chapter...
Grad Photo taken by Shelley at Shelley's Photography

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