Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moving On Campus: What To Bring/What Not To Bring

Every fall, thousands of students move on campus. For some of these students, they have never lived away from home before. For these students, what should they bring and what should be left at home.

  1. Clothing: bring enough clothes to make it through. If you aren't moving too far from home, only bring clothes that will bring you through a season. You can always switch out when winter comes. There is little room in a dorm, so the least amount of clothing (and shoes) you can live without, the better.
  2. Hangers: You'll need hangers to hang up all those clothes!
  3. Bedding: Most dorm beds are Twin XL, which means that a twin sheet just isn't long enough. Make sure you bring bedding that will fit, pillows, blankets, etc. as they won't be provided for you.
  4. Bathroom Items: This means towels, wash cloths, soap, toilet paper, shampoo/conditioner, brush/combs, deodorant, lotions, perfumes, make-up, shaving cream, razors, bathrobe, first aid kit etc. Most of these things are NOT provided (except some campuses will provide toilet paper). 
  5. If you have communal showers, you'll want a bathroom bucket. This holds all your bathroom items so you can carry them down the hall to the bathroom. 
  6. Cleaning Items: Bring a broom, sponge, dish soap, cleaning sprays for bathroom/kitchen, plunger, toilet brush/cleaner, vacuum (if possible). YOU will have to keep your room clean, and you'll need the supplies to do it!
  7. TV: Most dorms have cable of some sort. Make sure you bring your own co-ax cable too!
  8. Microwave: Make sure you don't already have one (the dorms I live in do!) but if they don't you'll want this kitchen staple!
  9. Mini-Fridge: Also, if your dorm doesn't have a fridge, you may want to bring one of these along.
  10. Laptop/computer: You'll want this for school work, trust me!
  11. Small set of dishes: You won't need too many as most students have a meal plan, but you'll want something to make some coffee in, or some late night Ramen. Make sure you have plates, cups, and all utensils (spoons, forks, knives). You'll also want to throw in a can opener!
  12. Alarm clock: You are going to need to get up for classes, make sure you have a working alarm clock thrown in.
  13. Hair dryer: You know what this is for!
  14. Fan: If you live in a dorm that doesn't have AC, or you tend to get warm, throw in a fan for your comfort.
  15. Laundry Items: This includes laundry soap, dryer sheets, hamper/basket and a roll of quarters. Laundry isn't free and those quarters will become your best friend.
  16. School stuff: notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, calculator, backpack, planner, books, etc.
  17. Camera: You'll want to document you time away from home.
  18. Chargers: make sure you can charge your phone, ipod, computer, etc. Also, have some batteries on hand.
  19. Games/sporting equipment: Have fun board games? Bring them. Like to throw around a ball? Bring it. You'll find other people on campus who will join you.
  20. Snacks/food: The cafeteria isn't open all day and night, so it's good to have some back up food and snacks on hand if you get hungry. If you live in a dorm without a meal plan, you'll need to plan meals more.
  21. Lanyard: Trust me, you'll want one of these. This can hold your room key, ID card and other important keys to get you where you need to go. They will always be around your neck so you won't forget them places!
  22. Coffee Machine: If you need caffeine in the morning, make sure you have this with the coffee.
  23. Small chair: Something like a butterfly chair that can fit in a corner. Can also be a beanbag.
  24. Gaming systems: If you have them and don't worry about them, bring them. You'll find other gamers to join you.
  25. Matress padding: You may want to invest in a memory foam pad for your bed, the mattresses aren't the most comfortable

What not to bring

  1. Furntiure except mentioned above: Most dorms are fully furnished. That means they have a bed, desk, closet/dresser, etc. Call ahead to see what the dorm has/does not have
  2. Candles: No live flame in dorms. This can cause fires which can be bad news bears! Also, no incense!
  3. Toasters, hot plates, toaster oven, etc: These have open heat elements that can also cause fires.
  4. Pets: Sorry, but you can't bring them along :( Some dorms allow fish though!
  5. Waterbeds: Yeah, you're gonna have to deal with the dorm beds, and these can cause a flood.
  6. Nails/screws for portraits: Command Strips will be your best friend when hanging photos
  7. Alcohol: Most dorms are dry, leave it at home.
  8. AC Units: Sorry if your dorm doesn't have them, but you can't bring them either.
  9. Weapons: All campuses are gun free, so keep it that way.
  10. Heaters: These can cause a fire too!

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