Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Additions and Life :)

Life is so interesting to me, and taking a look back on what I have done and what is to come still in my is exciting! Things have been well lately, I know I haven't been in the blogosphere in awhile. I am getting fully settled into my new home now and have happily added 2 additions to my family.

This little cutie came first. Kevin text me one day when I was at work with her picture. He said he had found her at a garage sale, she was free, had her first shots and was spayed. I couldn't say no. It took her a bit to warm up, the poor thing had been taken home and the father said they had to give her away. After moving to several homes over a couple days' time, she came to my house and has fully taken it over as her own. She is a sweet kitty that likes to cuddle, but has quite the sassy attitude, which is why I named her Sassy.

And this kitty was originally Molly's. Not that she didn't love her very much, but Molly had gotten Berry from an old roommate basically, and just ended up keeping her. We decided, once I moved out of the dorms and into a home where I could have cats again, she was all mine. So, we planned that. Then late one Saturday, Molly text me and said she could bring the cat that night. Around 2 am in the morning, Berry (Little Kitty) arrived at home home and found  her place in the basement. It took some time for her to even feel comfortable coming out of hiding other than when I was downstairs, and Sassy was pretty pissy with her for about 5 days. But now they are pretty good friends. They play with each other and have slept close to each other. Everyday they seem to be becoming more and more accustomed to each other and enjoying the other's I have hope.

One other memeber of my family will be coming in a couple weeks. I am getting a puppy! I have reserved a pure bred Beagle from a guy in Vassar. I am very excited to get her when she is finally old enough :)

Other than that, I have just been working. I am actually enjoying my position at Diplomat, and am now in a place to start preparing for my Certified Pharmacist Technician license test that I plan on taking in late fall/winter time. I would like to have it around my 6 month mark at the company, because that is the time that I am eligible for promotion, and well...I want to move up from here. The  sky is the limit.

I have also started to look at graduate programs. I am hoping to possibly start one in fall of 2014 or Winter of 2015. I just need to find my right fit.

Right now, I just look at how lucky I am at the moment with  everything in my life. I recently got to spend time with my brother and celebrate the upcoming birth of his daughter, Aribella. I am so excited for her to be here. July 12th is the due date, but she really could  come any day now. Jessica's birthday is the 3rd of July and she stated that if she wanted to come that day, she would share her day :). Another July baby, what a popular month for our family!

I'll leave you here today. I've been writing this between calls at work as I'm on incoming calls and have nothing to do between calls. I hope you all have a wonderful hump day and I'm sure I won't be talking to you until after the 4th holiday, so have a great 4th...and see some fireworks!

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