Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Additions to My Family and Beyond!!!

So, I am in love....with my dog AND my new niece!!!!

First off, on July 16, 2013, my niece, Arabella Leigh Moore was born to my brother and his wife Jessica. I am so excited to be Auntie Amelia. I haven't been able to get up there to meet the little girl, but I am hoping to be able to work something out in the next couple of weeks!!

Arabella Leigh Moore
6lbs 14 oz, 16.5inches
Birthdate: 07/13/2013

And then... on the 4th of July weekend, I got the message I was waiting so long for. My puppy that I had reserved in the beginning of June was ready for me to take home. I was overjoyed.

After a mis-communication, I met the past owner and picked up my little snuggly bundle of joy. At just 6 weeks old, I would like to introduce you to the cute little ball of fur with a big name. Her official name is Nymphadora Tonks, but I just call her Tonks for short. Now many, who haven't gotten into the Harry Potter series, don't like the name. But I think it is cute and fitting. She is such a little ball of craziness, much like the character in the book was!

This was Tonks the afternoon I got her on 7/5/13
Over the past few weeks I have gotten to know and love this little pup very much. This much is for certain, I am most definelty her human. Last night I was lying in bed with her next to me and Boe (who was originally named Sassy) lying on my chest and realized that these are -my- animals. I have waited so long to have animals that I can call my own. Here are some other photos from her recent adventures.
I decided to stick my sunglasses on her. This was on our way to go camping with Kevin's family on 7/12.

On the way home from camping 7/14. She was one tired puppy :)
This was last night 7/24. She was sleepy after a visit from Marita!
Life is just really good. I can't complain one bit!

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