Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First 5K: An Colorful Experience

So this past Saturday, I finished a goal I had set myself out to do. I finished my first 5K. Color Vibe hosted a color run in my city of Flint and I was stoked getting ready for the race. Actually paying $40 to participate made me more motivated to get ready for the race...and my dog loved it. We took some walks around the neighborhood in the month leading up to the race and I spent some time at work also preparing.
About to begin

But nothing really prepares you for the day with all the excitement and people. After waiting through a major traffic jam outside the Everett E. Cummings Center, I parked my car and joined the estimated 2,100 people by the DJ booth. There were people in tutu's, there were people with crazy outfits, there were people EVERYWHERE. But more importantly, there was much more excitement.

I joined the group of people I said I would meet, including Nick and Katie and their two sons. They were walking in honor of a friend's child who had lost her life earlier this year. It was inspiring seeing them out showing support. Before the race even started, we were tossing color in the air. Pink...for Meagan.

After we finished!

As the race started, we were herded (literally) towards the rows of flags that showed the beginning of the race. The race was let off in heats, with about 100 people starting every 5 minutes. We were near the back so we did a lot of waiting while the DJ played some tunes and got us pepped up. When it was our turn to get to the start area, workers threw bags upon bags of color at us that we threw all over everyone. The DJ counted us off and we were a go. There was a guy with a leafblower blowing color on everyone who passed the start line. It was crazy.

Once out, we all set our pace. The rest of the group were well ahead of me so I threw in my headphones and started jamming. About 1/4 mile in was the first color station. Here workers had one specific color, in this case pink, that they threw on you. After I passed the station, my calves were not having this. I was thinking that this "race" was going to one long race if it hurt all the way. I was making it through though, I was DETERMINED to finish without shortcuts (Which there were them).

About a mile in, Daft Punks "Harder Better Faster" came on and I was like, "THIS IS MY JAM." It was about this point that the endorphins FINALLY did their trick and my pace picked up again. The second color station- blue- they were out of color which made me kind of sad. I just kept going. At the 2/3 mark was the green station where the volunteers were all cheering and telling everyone to roll on the ground. Some people did, I just wasn't doing it this early in the morning. ;)
Me before the dance party

After the water station provided by the charity for the event, United Way of Genessee County, Nick, Katie and the kids were waiting for me. It was super awesome of them to stop for me! We watched Connar kneel in the purple station and finished the race together.
A color throw at the end

But the color awesomeness was not over yet! At the end they were having a dance party with the DJ. Every 10 minutes or so they threw out about 100 bags of color and went around with boxes of color for people to take handfuls and throw in the air. And it was awesome looking. In that last dance party, I got a ton more color on me and had a blast. Some random girl loved all the color on me and asked me to pose for a picture with her. Why not?
Me after the racce

Trust me, somehow I ended up not making a HUGE mess of my car, just a little one. Thank God for trash bags. I went home where Tonks freaked out because I was covered in stuff she didn't know. I had one rainbow shower and had an enjoyable and relaxing rest of my day! I think I am down to do another 5K sometime soonish!

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