Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm Gonna Get Married

So, its been a few months since the engagement between Kevin and I actually happened, but I just felt the need to share the story of one of the most surprising and amazing nights of my life.

It was a Thursday night, March 5th, 2015 and I was sitting at home. Kevin and I work at the same place but our shifts are a little off on Thursdays so I end up getting home at around 7 while he gets home after 9. I had already gotten home and changed into my comfy clothes, cooked dinner (it was waiting on the stove) and had settled down in front of Netflix to watch some Grey's Anatomy reruns. Kevin had been fighting a cold for a few days so nothing seemed out of the ordinary to me when he said he was stopping at the store to get some cough drops.

It was around 9:45 when the dog alarm alerted me that Kevin was coming through the door, but he was hiding something. Since from the place I was perched on the couch had full visibility of the door, Kevin told me I had to close my eyes. Confused, I did as I was told, with a dramatic scene of Grey's anatomy playing in the background. He came over and behind me and placed a bouquet of flowers, later to be revealed as roses, in my right hand and kneeled on my left side before having me open my eyes.

"Will you marry me?" He asked as he held up the white ring box with the beautiful ring.

"Are you serious?" I said, not believing him as he had told me previously that he was going to fake me out.

"Yes!" He said, laughing.

"Of course," I said as I started to cry happy tears. I made him put the ring on my hand, which fit perfectly, and we kissed. It really was beautiful. I got up and into the kitchen where the light was on so I could look at the ring better and he said "We need to make it facebook official." (which, if you know anything about our relationship, that was the first thing we did after deciding to start dating. We have pictures of is making it facebook official.) I said that we need to tell a couple people first, so I snapped a picture and sent a few texts to friends and family. Then I put the needed ring picture on instagram and facebook.

I was still crying happy tears when I said, "Well dinner is done..." Kevin laughed. We dished some food out but I was so excited I could barely eat.

While we always think about some grand gesture for our engagement, I truthfully think I wouldn't want it any other way than at home. Kevin said he didn't want to do it at a restaurant because it wouldn't be a surprise and I would be crying all over the place in the middle of the place. I loved that it was at home and private to us. Much more sentimental (and I'll always be able to say that I didn't believe him when he asked me!)

By the way...I never paused Grey's Anatomy once throughout the whole time.

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