Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Back on the Blogosphere

So, it's been...what? 6 months since I last posted something on here. And what a set of 6 months it has been. So I will be writing one of those long ass posts where I tell you what has happened in my life.

The end of February brought my spring break. I drove half way across the state to spend a few days with my cousin Molly. And I got my first tattoo!
It says, "Only when you are no longer afraid, do you begin to live!"

Then as April 1st dawned, I drove almost across the OTHER half of the state to spend some time with my best friend Katrina! We went and saw Lady Gaga when she came to Grand Rapids. It was literally one of the best concerts I've ever been to!
Katrina and I at Gaga!

The next day, Katrina and I drove over the last part of the state to see our friend Hoffa in Muskegon. While there, we walked through knee deep snow to go to the beach. It was beautiful!

In April, I became a certified Medical First Responder. I can save your life legitly no matter what kind of situation you end up getting yourself into! I also finished out the semester. I dropped Cognitive and ended up 4.0ing all my other classes. First 4.0 semester EVER in college for me!

In May, I worked a lot at camp. I was working a lot of group events. I also moved out of my apartment and into Katrina's house. I got to spend a lot of time with friends and get some well needed sleep as well. 
This is me after a long day at camp. It was cold and rainy....and I wasn't a fan.

In June, Katrina's youngest sister graduated from high school then summer camp began at The Fowler Center with all new staff. I met some rather awesome people.
Colleenie gradmatated!

July came long and tiring. I was at camp the whole time basically but even with the long hours, the hot weather, the sickness and injuries, I had a lot of fun this month. On the 16th, me and about 17 other people went to see Harry Potter in IMAX. It was amazing and an experience I will NEVER forget. I cried like a baby and my childhood ended. I also had some excursions to the lake and to Frankenmuth with some of my fellow counselors from TFC. I'm sure I will write a post soon with more details about my summer...SO MANY memories!

One of the campers and I with some bubble shenangians!

Frankenmuth mirror maze!

Guida and I on 4th of July at camp.

Another camper and I at Barn and Garden, the program area I ran this summer.

Trina and Dave, crazy shenanigans at Tim Hortons (that got us kicked out!)

August came more heat and exhaustion. The camp wasn't what I wanted it to be so at the end of the first week of August, I quit. It was a hard decision on my part because I basically LOVED  camp like everything, it just wasn't my thing anymore. I was one of 5 people that quit that week. One of the other quitters paid me to drive her home, so I was OFF to Chicago for a couple nights where I met her Mexican family, had some amazing food and spent a day hopping on and off the bus/train around the city. I was awesome. After that I was off to spend some time with a couple of the other quitters from camp, Dave and Helen. I helped them fix up their new apartment. 
One of my French books for this semester!

Moving in...why do I have so many books!

Molly and I went on a "Le Epic Day of Shopping" Labor Day. It was awesome. We stopped at Steak and Shake for Lunch...let's just say the shakes are amazing.

CHICAGO at night...from the Hancock Building!

Chrissy and I at The Bean!! So freaking awesome!

Me on Navy Pier. Chrissy and I stopped at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville while there for a margarita and burger!

And I got a NEW job literally just after quitting the old one. I'm actually at it right now. I work at the front desk of the building that I live in, which is AWESOME. It's easy, fun and well, secure. I will have a job here for the school year which makes me feel so much better about quitting camp! At the end of August, I moved BACK into my apartment, except on a different floor, and started school this week. I have some awesome classes, getting to know more people, catching up with old friends and life is awesome. 


  1. Glad you had such an awesome summer. Love your pictures and love you!

  2. i love your tattoo...and the bean is one of my 'to see' things...
    enjoyed your blog