Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sorry Guys...

So I know it has been what seems like forever since I have written something on here...but this past week and a half has been one interesting time.

For one, I never got last week's week in mail done. I'm sorry....I know. I am horrible at remembering things and when you tend to live life in the moment (which I do quite often) then some things just get pushed to the side.

Over last weekend, I was working at my camp that I work at sometimes. I was a 2 on 1 which means there were 2 campers that were my whole responsibility which I like a lot because I don't have to worry about a whole cabin and all. But I'm not used to being a 2 on 1 so I was always watching everyone anyway. 

Other than an incident with the camp llama (which really is a hilarious story that I have told SO many times...all is well now) it was an uneventful weekend. I love weekends at camp because, yes, it is hard work, but I have so much fun. And sometimes it's so nice to get away from the city (even though I'm pretty sure I'm SUCH a city girl now!)

Then Monday night I was officially recertified in CPR and my friend Luna had her gull bladder (aka named Charlie) taken out (aka KILLED) and I was so happy for her.

Tuesday I was SICK OUT OF MY MIND. I got out of my Cognitive midterm, and lost my whole stomach into the toilet (sorry for the visual) and spent the next 24-36ish hours living off of gatorade and pepto bismol. I slept a lot, sometimes in the bathroom to ensure a mess free experience, but I was sick.

I finally woke up this morning and was HUNGRY! Like my stomach was like "FEED ME!" So I did. And I can't wait to go home and eat some more. I did eat a little yesterday and it stayed down, but it was nothing near my normal eating habits. Quite interesting.

And I failed my Cognitive Psychology midterm...but I don't care...BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah...I'm in one of those crazy "moods" again!

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