Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what A CRAZY Night!

So...for all of you to know, I will have my mail post up later today. I have all the pics, I just didn't get it written out.

SO...last night was such a crazy night.

I have my first responder's class. In that class, we were working on patient assessments which includes checking someone ever from head to toe to try to figure out what could be wrong if you are in an emergency situation. So he told us to partner up for the class. So I was looking around and really hot guy (which is what I will call him for the purpose of this blog) was like, "you wanna be my partner?"

Well...I had to hide my excitement. So we practiced our patient assessments. All I'll say is that really hot guy has some really nice muscles.

Anyway...so we get back into class and we start talking about airways. We were talking about different ways to deliver oxygen to different patients if needed. You know, the tubes in the nose, etc. And he gets to the "rebreather" which if you are not in the medical field, it's the one that goes over the face and has the bag that the paramedic squeezes that helps you breathe.

He pops a new one of out a bag, hooks of the oxygen and asks if someone wants to try it out. We didn't think he was serious for one. But he kept looking around and I was like, why not? So up I walk to the front of the class and he explains that he is going to put this over my face and tell me when to take a breath and he is going to assist me in breathing.

It took 5 breaths...and I was extremely relaxed. The prof took the mask off my face and asked how I felt. All I could say in a dreamy voice was "pretty good." The class laughed. He said that after about 3 breaths, he felt me relax and said that if he kept going, I might have fallen asleep and woken up after the class was over.

Yes...I got high from oxygen last night. GOOOOOOOOD times...

So my night wasn't over yet. I look at my phone and Abijah had called me. Her and Tanisha were supposed to go see a concert last night and I expected them to be gone by the time that I got out of class. So I call her back and she asks, "Is Tanisha with you?" I said, "No." "Well I've been waiting for her down here for a half hour and she won't answer my phone calls or texts."

I felt that there was something wrong.

So I try calling her. No answer. So I call my RA Stephon and ask him to knock on the door. So he knocked several time. No answer.

So I start to freak out. What if something had happened? What if she was hurt? So here I was, high on oxygen, and my adrenaline starts rushing like crazy. I start booking it out of the White building and take the 15 minute run in like 5 minutes, rush into the building and get on the elevator...which of course a ton of other people got on and I had to stop on almost all the floors. I burst into the room and notice that it's really quiet. Her stuff is there, her coat on the couch, her purse on the floor. I walk into her room and take a quick look. Then i went and checked all the rooms in the apartment. No one was there. So I start yelling her name. After the 5th time of yelling I hear a small, "yeah..."

She was asleep. But I thought she was in trouble so I was ready to save her if I had to. She didn't realize how late it was, but got ready and left for the concert which was near by anyway.

For the rest of the night I relaxed and was EXHAUSTED by the time that 11 came around. It was probably because I came down from the oxygen, the adrenaline was done and I had run like a mad woman.

But everything was fine. And I slept like a baby last night.

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