Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

So Michigan survived this storm that we had gotten so much news coverage over.

By last Thursday, I knew "it" was coming. By Monday, the whole state was freaking out about the largeness of the storm. By Monday night, we were calling the storm "Snowicane," "Snowpocalypse" and even "Snowmageddon." Food was flying off of store shelves as people thought they would be buried for weeks.

Here is yesterday at was still snowing up a storm!
Overnight, the Flint are received almost 14 inches of snow. 

So I was OFF of school for the last 2 days.  We were basically buried. No mail was delivered and hardly any cars fared the roads. We didn't leave yesterday at all. It was quite wonderful. I spent most of yesterday in my pajamas!

And what did I spend most of my time doing...sleeping!

Sleep has been wonderful.

Here are so more pics from friends:

My aunt Rosalie took this pic on her farm today. 

This is my friend Terri's car, I wonder if she could get out?

This is my friend Alisha's car. eee gads!

My friend Emily and her dorm friends built this huge igloo yesterday at Eastern Michigan University. Great way to spend their time, thats for sure!

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