Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week in Mail: Week #2 1/31-2/5

This week was a pretty lonely mail week here...mail wasn't delivered for a couple days because of the snow storm...

This is the State/city park card I got from a swap I did.

This is the card that I got from my friend NikoGoddess for the Me & a Friend Postcard swap.
I sent out a lot more mail though.

My Harry Potter ATC for a swap I did

I did a "Pay it Forward 2011" on Facebook. This is the homemade things I sent my friend John. Include a magazine envelope, 2 postcards and an ATC.

The Pay It Forward I sent to Luna. 2 postcards and an ATC

The card I sent Katrina, just to brighten her day!

The Pay It Forward I sent to my friend Jamisa. A magazine envelope, 2 postcards and a mini-zine

Postcard I sent out to Erin for pay it forward.

Penpal letter I sent out to my friend Sara in New Jersey.
I also sent out 3 homemade postcards for a swap and a pen-pal letter to my friend Lynn in California.

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