Friday, September 30, 2011

Love Yourself October

I have a friend, a rather brilliant friend, who came up with a great idea. This idea is “Love Yourself October.”

Now, you may wonder what this is all about. Well, think about it. There are so many out  there with low self-esteems, who think little of themselves, and this is what this project entails.

Once a day for the whole month of October (aka 31 days) you write, draw, etc. in a journal one thing you like about yourself. Yes, that is something different EACH day of the month. These things don’t have to be big, they don’t have to be physical, they just have to be something you like about yourself.

Maybe you have a good singing voice, maybe you like your smile, maybe you like your optimism, maybe you love your cooking ability. Whatever it may be, find some way of showing that in journal form. The purpose of this is for you to create a journal of things you like about yourself so for those days you are feeling down you can look back at it and read everything you love about being YOU!

You can create this is any way. I have gotten into guerilla art a lot over the past couple years so I feel that mine will be random but awesome at the same time. I shall try to post some of my journal on here as the month wears on.

I invite you to join me and join the revolution. For each one of us has MANY things about ourselves that are wonderful…it’s just finding these things that is the journey.

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