Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Day, Another Dollar

Hey there! 

Another 5 AM shift here...and another 4 hours that I spend the time counting down until 9 am so that I can go back to bed. Yeah, no fun right? But at least it's a job, and this shift is going to help pay for my trip to Chicago in a couple weeks for my roommate's wedding shower. I am hoping to also see my cousin who lives there as well. Plannnnsss....I can't wait though, and I'm sure that there'll be a blog ALL about it after the fact (with pictures if I remember to take my camera!)

As for happenings in the past week or so. I did go see Paranormal Activity 3 with the gang after a dinner with Aunt Linney. Of course, the restaurant I went to was soooo slow and even though we were plenty early, I missed the first 5 minutes of the movie (BOO!). But I did watch them later online ;)

The trip to the cemetery was more interesting than I expected (and wet!). Glenwood cemetery that we visited has a lot of Flint history and so there were some well known "Flint" names in there. That evening Abijah, Tanisha and I went to a frat halloween party. SO much fun! 
We were just chilling in the car... (Abijah)

So I decided to make it...(ME!)
A photoshoot! (Tanisha

Whiting Mausoleum.

Dort Obliesk.
Friday ended up bringing about a cancellation of the staff bonding, so a bunch of us got together and went to Red Robin and then chilled back in the apartment. It's always a GREAT time when my friends come together and Friday night was no exception!

Saturday afternoon we celebrated Molly's 21st with a family lunch at Applebee's. Sadly for her, they wouldn't accept her temporary license so that mudslide she wanted so bad was out of her reach. But it didn't matter because that evening we had a fun time at her older brother's house :)
Molly and I at Birthday lunch :)

My car hit 100,000 miles on the way to Molly's brother's house.

Except for the odd allergic reaction that left me in bed all day yesterday, this week has been about the norm week (last week was rather extraordinary). Tomorrow is what we are calling, "The Great Birthday's Bash" which is the culmination of about 4 different people including Molly and I, who have all turned 21 in the past couple weeks, coming together and just having a great time with friends at a club. I am looking forward to that evening (and the fact that I don't have to work on Saturday! Woot!

Other awesome thing's I'm working on right now:

- I am doing the Happy Hogwarts Christmas swap which has me making some crafts and Harry Potter themed things for my partner. It has been getting my Harry Potter geekiness back to the forefront. I am SO okay with that!
- I have my box of randomness to send my partner this week in the Box cram swap I am in. 
- I also finished updating my story for the "your story" swap where you share a life (or a part of it) with your partner. I love learning about other people!

There are other's of course, but for time's sake, I'll leave you here. Have a GREAT weekend!!!

This morning's songs:
1. My Way- 3 Doors Down
2. Survivor's Guilt- Rise Against
3. Hurricane- 30 Seconds to Mars (ft. Kanye West)
4. One of Those Days- Joshua Radin
5. Major Minus- Coldplay
6. Drown in You- Daughtry
7. My Body- Young the Giant
8. Mercenary- Panic! at the Disco
9. Let Live- Of Mice and Men
10. Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic- Mayday Parade


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