Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh April...

Ah, it is now the lovely month of April and some things are setting in. One of them is that I will be moving rooms in less than a month...which means that packing and cleaning will need to commence...VERY SOON! I'm still waiting to hear word as to someone moving into my room for the summer...if they aren't I will be able to keep a majority of my things in my room for the summer...just packed up. Which means I will still need to pack. eee gads!

Being as it's April, it is no longer March, which means there was a new white board picture!

March 2012 was full of many memories. My bro and his fiance came to visit. Celia, one of the girls who I know through band and lives here at RF came over, Zac (aka the other man) was over several times, Kevin turned 21 (and still parties like a bitch...but he's learning). We realized we still miss Mindu. Tanisha told me hilarious Blayne stories. I took on the word. We played lots of Rockbans and well, it was just an interesting month. 

Tuesday evening my friend Steve (aka Hoffa) came over for the first time. He had never hung out in my apartment in Flint, which needed to be remedied. So that was a night of Rockband, and then just some hangout time. We had some enlightening conversations which were an all over good time. Hoffa is my bro and I know the he would protect me if needed. I love that kid.

It was also the night of the official invention of The Hoffa:

1oz Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka
1oz Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka
1/2oz Watermelon Pucker
1/2oz Peach Schnapps
5oz Monster Khaos Energy Drink

Served over ice.

Last night was my last band concert of this school year. We played a variety of music from throughout the year. Two of my favorite pieces we played were Summer Dances by Brian Balmadges and October by Eric Whitacre. Though I was worried that the concert wasn't going to go to well (Rehearsals the day of always make you feel like you're going to be horrible), it ended up going rather well. I hadn't been in the band much this semester since I only was going once a week due to my French class being during rehearsal time on Mondays (I asked if this was all right beforehand) and some other things coming up. I am happy to say that next fall, I will be back 100% and making music, this whole going to band once a week thing really actually kinda sucked. It made me realize how much I will miss making music after I graduate. I guess then it'll be time to fit a community band into my schedule! I see playing clarinet as something I will do for the rest of my entire life. It is something that is important to me, and well, it's worth it!

Okay off my soapbox!

Book review(s):

So, I decided since this is MY blog, that I would share other aspects of my life. I have become a lot more organized with my time this semester, after figuring out how to balance everything, and have had time to read plenty of books. For pleasure. I say that because many college students don't spend time reading for pleasure. Let me say, it CAN be done. I work part-time, go to school full-time, am currently pulling a 3.8 this semester AND read for fun.

Over the past few months I've read some really enjoyable books, some I've had for a while and wanted to read. One of them was The Vow. I actually bought this after I heard of the movie coming out. I had started reading it before after borrowing it from a library, but never finished. This time, I read it all in 4 hours and it was a great story about love, faith and hanging in there when the going gets tough. Kevin and I saw the movie for Valentine's Day and it doesn't even give justice to the book. Shame.

Another one I've held on to for a long time was The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. I will say this, I am an UTTER Sparks fan. I own everything he's ever written. He is such a great story teller. But when I bought this one over 2 years ago, I just couldn't get into it. It started out a little slow for my taste. Every time I picked it up, I would get to about the 3rd chapter and not go on. But this time, I kept going. The movie for it is coming out soon, and I just can't justify seeing a movie until I've read the book. It was worth it. The story, though a little slow at the beginning, picks up as you notice the secrets that make everything suspenseful. Then the end, though in every Nicholas Sparks book someone (or some animal) passes away, he has gotten better at surprising you with how it happens. I read his book, The Best of Me last semester (another amazing book) and those surprising endings get you! I warn you though, don't pick one of his books up if you aren't prepared to cry.

Then I read The Hunger Games Series. The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay are just as amazing as I've always heard they are. I have heard about them for over a year now, with just how good they are, and I finally ordered them when I ordered my textbooks for this semester. The movie for The Hunger Games was coming out, and like I said, I read the book before seeing the movie. Always. I devoured the first book in 2 days. The story of the distopian future of our world after years of going downhill, the districts controlled by one capitol. The book was very well written and kept you guessing. It led right into Catching Fire which I read in one day. Started in the morning and finished by late that night. It led right into Mockingjay which I read over a few days (hey, it was Kevin's birthday/St. Patty's day weekend...I was busy!). I don't want to give too much away on them because YOU SHOULD GO READ THEM, LIKE NOW! But I have to say this: The movie was the best movie from book adaption I have ever seen (Other than The Last Song which the author wrote the movie before the book). They kept in all they could and changed very little. I heard that the screenplay was written by Suzanne Collins (the author) which may have been why it was so good.

Right now I am reading The Help. I'll make sure to let you know what I think when I finish. Then I need to rent that movie and watch it since I've heard it is also really good (And well, like I said, I have to read the book first!)

All book titles have been linked to their respective Amazon pages so if you feel the need to find out more/BUY THEM...feel free! :)

Coming Attractions:

  • This afternoon, I am off to Oakland to see our friend Guida. I haven't seen him in five-ever (longer then forever). Actually it has been since Christmas break and that was for a rather short time. But I guess he has a girlfriend who I am excited to meet.  (I felt like a proud mama when he told me that haha). We have plans to get some Steak N Shake which I have an awesome coupon for thanks to the huge coupon book I got from Aunt Linney for Christmas. It's time to get s discount on ALL THE FOOD!
  • I don't work Friday or Sunday. I heard a rumor of going to a Theta Chi party on Friday. Them Theta boys are the best. Me gusta!
  • I'm spending Easter with Kevin's family...which means I get to meet more of them. I'm not going to lie, I am rather nervous. Easter is at his aunt's house, there is an Easter egg hunt and everything. It should be a nice afternoon to say the least (and we're both looking forward to holiday food which is always the best)
  • Later this month, I am hosting what is called the "Pink Party." Why? Because I have these awesome pink solo cups I want to use. We are going to drink pink drinks, eat pink things (I'm trying to get Abijah to make pink cupcakes) and just celebrate the semester being over (it's after finals week) before Tanisha and I move out of 512 for the summer. I can't wait for our last year in that room, we miss Mindu but we both hope that our next roommate will be awesome (of course, I don't think they can be as awesome as Mindu!)


1. Summer Dances- Brian Balmadges
2. Amaryllis- Shinedown
3. Second Chance- Shinedown
4. October- Eric Whitacre
5. My Name (Wearing Me Out)- Shinedown
6. Kids in the Street- The All-American Rejects

Only 11 more days til my last class, 18 til my last exam and 24 until my last UM related activity until September!!!

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