Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just a quick note

Just wanted to say that I am alive! I am one tired Amelia but I am kicking in Flint. Some updates since the last post:

  • Hoffa and Jessica came over for a night. We played some Rockband and Apples to Apples and shared some good laughs.
  • We went to see The Dark Knight Rises again (for Jess it was her first time!)
  • Kevin, his sister and I went to the Eastern Michigan fair! That was a fun day. Hoffa joined us then too!
  • I met up with my friend Cody when he was stuck in Flint for a morning and caught up. Come to find out, we have a class together this semester!
  • More duty.

Today was the first day of RA training. We are preparing to head to Ann Arbor in the morning to CLE which is a RA training camp held on Ann Arbor campus every summer. I'm pretty excited! We went to Base Camp today and we did team building activities, rock climbing and the high ropes course. Though I didn't do it all, I DID at least try and I'm glad I did.

But boy am I tired!

Me on the course!
It's also Back to the Bricks this weekend in Flint. This Mustang was right outside our front door!

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