Thursday, August 30, 2012

Manistee River Floating.

So the past few days, I was up north in Mesick. My boss Sara used to live up there, and all the RAs went to spend a couple nights at her parent's house.

It has been awhile since I've been north of the bridge (and I don't mean Mackinaw, I mean Zilwaukee) and the air is always fresher.
Here's a map for those who need it to show the drive and where I was in reference to home. It was about a 3 hour drive. We stopped in Clare for lunch.

Tuesday we all went rafting/tubing down the Manistee River. I have never been down this river in Michigan since all my tubing experience has been in the AuSable and some of the surrounding creeks that empty into the AuSable. The first half of the trip we had to raft (it was the company we were renting the tubes from who mandated that) and I can understand as there were lots of logs in the middle of the river that could pop a tube. So it was an experience rafting with 6 other people in one raft, and steering.

For the second half I was in my element as those of us who wanted a tube dove in the cold water and floated. Other than a life jacket that got a tad annoying (my boss Sara actually had a staff member pass away on her at her other job on this she made us wear one, no matter how good of a swimmer we were), it was a good trip. I steered clear of major sunburn (my cheeks got a bit though) and enjoyed the fresh air.

All-in-all, I will say the Manistee River is rather nice. Rather chilly, but nice, deep and sandy! I had no need to wear shoes on it like the AuSable (but the rocks give the AuSable that trout fishing edge). I would totally tube down it again!

We all came home from some relaxing time up there yesterday and today begins the decorating and preparations for all the residents to move in this weekend. T minus 2 days til people come back and the peace of the summer is over.

I'm off for some RA breakfast in a bit. Love you all!

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