Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where Did the Week Go?

It seems as if October is slowly slipping away from me once again. How could this be? For one, until this week, the month has been BEAUTIFUL. Weather has been perfect fall weather, the trees are changing into red, oranges and browns, sun has been out, life has been wonderful.

Of course, there has to be some icky days in there and this week had them. The rainy, cold weather made me just want to stay in bed all day long. Plus, I added a million extra work shifts to make extra money. This caused me to have to buy myself a planner to keep everything on track.

Now, everytime I plan something, it gets written down. This keeps me from making plans with someone when I already have plans (or work :/) and know when I have papers due, tests, homework, all that jazz.

So, as I was saying, the weather wasn't inviting. It may have been why I had such a hard time getting out of my warm bed in the morning. The grey, cloudy, rainy mornings were not my friends. But, that is life and I got up anyway.

I made my return to swap-bot this week. I hadn't been doing mail art since I moved out of my apartment, and I missed I'm back. Starting off with some easier swaps and moving up from there. I love sending and receiving mail!

Between tests, quizzes, classes, all this work, plans out, etc. this girl ended up being so tired by the evening. But here are some awesome things from this week to add to the birth month:

Tuesday I drove to Lapeer to pick Katrina up (who was home all week on Fall Break) and we went to see my friend Sarah who had a son with our other friend Boesler over the summer. We hadn't met the little tyke yet and I can report that he is the cutest thing ever. He has Andrew's eyebrows and lashes but Sarah's eyes. He is the happiest baby ever and I loved the time we spent with them catching up and just melting at his adorableness.

Also on Tuesday, my preorder of Sims 3 Pets finally was released and I downloaded the game. I had a fun time recreating my old dog Annabelle and my old cat Belle. It is a fun game, some glitches that I expect to be fixed with upcoming patches. There is always the chance of glitches with a new game, especially a PC game.

On Wednesday, Tanisha, Abijah and I went to see 50/50. The movie was so perfect and powerful. Abijah and I both spent some time crying at moments during the whole film. Totally worth seeing if you were thinking about it.

Since Thursday I've been working a TON! But it is okay because I should have a nice paycheck to go to Chicago with next month for Mindu's wedding shower and Bachlorette party. Can't wait to leave the state for a weekend and possibly see my cousin Roz at the same time!!!

Upcoming attractions: 
My cousin Molly turns 21 this week (On Wednesday!). WOOT! I am going to celebrate with her (and probably buy her a drink) on Saturday for lunch. 

Tuesday I'm seeing Paranormal Activity 3 with Luna, Dave and Hoffa after possibly getting some dinner with my Aunt Linney. 

On Wednesday, I'm hoping to see my friend Marita that I don't get to see much at all, when she comes over for some fun times in my apartment.

Thursday, my Psychology of Death class is headed for a nearby cemetery to study differences in life span by birthdates. You know, the norm field trip ;).

For Friday evening, I have a work bonding bowling trip. Though I am a horrible bowler, I don't care. It'll be fun with all the college kids I work with!

It's going to be another one of those crazy weeks!!! But I can't wait!

Songs for Today:
1. Heaven- 3 Doors Down
2. You Lie- The Band Perry
3. Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the People
4. Vox Populi- 30 Seconds to Mars
5. Satellite- Rise Against


  1. I love your playlist, we have similar taste :) Majki from swapbot

  2. Randomly visited your blog :)

  3. Hope your week is going as planned.
    Perfect timing for a field trip to a cemetery and have scads of fun bowling. Bowling and miniature golf are my favourite family things to do. Though both things are disappearing in this area which makes me sad.
    It sounds like you need a planner to keep track of your life ;0)
    JustIngrid -swapbot

  4. I love that you put songs on each your posts, that is honestly such an awesome idea!
    I look forward to seeing your future posts! :)

    Kittyh21 from swap-bot :) (blogger swap)