Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thoughts and Updates

"People throw rocks at things that shine,"

I saw this quote today, and it sparked an interest in me. You see these shining souls, these beautiful people who give you hope for the world. Then you hear things about these people, you hear about struggles, things that others have done to them, and it makes you sad.

Our world is a jealous place. When someone is jealous of another, of how strong they are, of how lucky they are, of how beautiful they are; they will try to bring them down. They will throw "rocks" no matter if it is in a literal or general sense. They may start rumors. They may deceive these people. They may work hard to make their lives a living Hell.

But it's those people who at least attempt to dodge the rocks. Those who don't let those who want to bring them down, conquer them, who are the beautiful ones. Stones go through lots of trials. They are dropped, rolled, run over, hit, washed away...but in the end they become beautiful and smooth. All those imperfections and pains are taken away and they become beautiful.

No matter what kind of trials may come your way, things that people say to belittle you, things that others do that make you momentarily unhappy; remember that it doesn't last. I am also a big believer in karma, and I believe that in the end, they will get what they give. Which means, in the end, they will not be rewarded for trying to make your life harder. Just hang in there one more day.

Let yourself shine. Be beautiful. Live you life. Don't let anything hold you back!


So I know I haven't really written about my life as of late on here...sorry for that. Life has been school, work, trying to find time to spend with Kevin and seeing my friends on the side...with very little sleep. It has been interesting. On Valentine's Day, Kevin delivered flowers and chocolates while I was at work (such a charmer) and took me out to dinner and to see The Vow. I tried to not be that girlfriend who made him see a chick flick, but he insisted. Three days later we celebrated our 2 months of being together, he makes me so happy.

This past weekend I went to Grand Rapids to see my friend Katrina. My friends Zac, Hoffa and Jessica joined me for the epicness and it was quite fun. It was a weekend full of much walking (I'm still recovering), lots of laughter (my ribs hurt so bad!) and so much fun. It even included an acapella version of Bohemian Rhapsody at 2 am...with harmonies. We are awesome.

Other than that, I've been trying to stay healthy (colds have come and go quite often) and tried to keep myself from going crazy basically. I am in the A/B range in all my classes still (WOO!) so I'm happy about that and I am enjoying this schedule for the most part this semester. Life is good. Spring Break is next week. I need a breather!

1. Stereo Hearts- Adam Levin with Gym Class Heroes
2. Cinema- Benni Benassi (Skrillex remix)
3. Numb- Linkin Park
4. Forever My Father- Go Radio
5. Munich- The Fray
6. My Name is Skrillex- Skrillex
7. Solas Ane- Samuel Hazo
8. If Today Was Your Last Day- Nickleback

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