Monday, March 25, 2013


So, you went out last night and now you hate yourself. You feel sick, your head is pounding and you just can't get out of bed. You are now hungover.

Hangovers come in many different severities. Let me break it down for you.

Stage 0

This is where you wake up the next day and feel just fine. Be happy, you got out of this one a lucky duck. Normally, this is where I am at. When I go work the front desk on Friday mornings, I see a lot of "Walk-of-shames" of people sporting the horrible hangover.

Stage 1

You may be extra thirsty today. May feel a little "off." But mainly, you are still feeling okay. Drink some extra water and go about your day.

Stage 2

You may feel extra thirsty and may have a bit of a headache. These effects don't really cause an issue on your day. You can take a couple Tylenol and may need some coffee. Make sure you drink some water too throughout the day!

Stage 3

 Your head hurts a little more today. Your stomach may be a little queasy. You are feeling extra tired and don't really want to get out of bed. But, you are able to drag yourself out, drink some coffee, take some Tylenol and get through your day...waiting for the moment you can get to bed when you get home.

Stage 4

This is the worst. In this hangover you have a migraine, can't get out of bed, even the mention of food makes you want to throw up. You may have even woken up next to the toilet after a rough late night. Nothing is going to get you out of bed this morning. If you need to work, you probably will end up calling in, citing a bad case of food poisoning. You may be sensitive to light, sound and smell. It may be worth staying in bed and trying to block our everything you can. Take some Pepto Bismol and sleep it off.

If you are the benefactor of a horrific hangover, stay home. Get rest. Drink LOTS of water. And maybe next time, drink a little less!

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