Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The White Board of DOOM...I mean Awesomeness

So, I was given a wonderful idea from a family friend the other night. See, we have this white board that has been in my apartment for the past 2 years, and every month we start anew. On this white board, we put on things that are said and done in our apartment over the course of the month, and it is signed by the people who joined us in our apartment that month.

It had humble beginnings. When I bought the board, I had planned for it to be a place to leave notes for each other (my roommates Mindu and Tanisha) and to put up what we needed to buy at the store if one of us was making a trip. But rather quickly, it evolved into something that we put our memories on and at the end of the month (and then many months later) it could be looked at and we could remember the memories. So this morning, I am going to take a trip down memory lane and share with you the boards up to now and some of my favorite memories...and then I have decided that every month, I shall share the board and the memories that come with it, so that down the road, I can look back and see the amazing times I had in college and this apartment that changed my life.


Humble beginnings are humble. It all started with this board. Notice there is still a shopping list with sugar (because you always need sugar...I swear!)

But this also has notes from Abijah and Natasha when they stopped over, a countdown to when we would see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 in November and a quote from an article I had to read for microbiology that made me laugh...a ton!

The "Meditation" part is from our roommate agreement that we made that year at about 3 am one morning. We all decided that if we were to get into a fight, we would climb on top of our closet thingys and meditate away the bad feelings. Oh...and this was also the start of the writing of Stephon's birthday in different ways.

October is of course my favorite month. Why? Oh wait...it's my birthday! Notice that the shopping list is on there, but a banana costume has been added. There is also a quote from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (but that would be cannibalism and that is frowned up in most societies.) We decided that Harry Potter is better than Tron after the rash of Tron commercials that we saw on television (I mean it was good...but Harry Potter was better.)

Another micro reference when talking about the bubonic plague in class ("I'm bringing the bubonic plague back. YEAH! The other sicknesses don't know how to act.")

And we had a fight over the sex of the pumpkins which is why by the end of the month, there was a whole pumpkin family on the board.

Also notice, Stephon's birthday is written very small-ly on the lower right corner. ;)

Notice that the shopping list is still there, but it only says food. Yeah, like I said, it regressed. We had some interesting things this month, a countdown until my 21st birthday was added, the countdown to HPDH1 was ended (since we saw it this month). Tanisha's hand was used for Tom the Turkey (and Stephon's birthday was written around his feathers. The "don't pee" part was first for me because we were testing out pee in micro lab and then for Mindu as she had to go get a pee test. Then I got this crazy cold and couldn't laugh because it felt like my lungs were coming out my mouth.

The "Alcohol panties" came from a trip over the see Molly. We had gone to Victoria's Secret and I had bought some underwear, and then took a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade home...that was in the end open and leaked all over my new underwear.

And we had to apologize to the board because we hadn't been writing much on it (compared to this year, we really didn't write much!)

December came and notice the shopping list is still hanging in there, I can't quite remember what month that left. We got rid of the countdown to my 21st birthday...I decided it was too far away. We added a countdown to HPDH2, Christmas and 2011. Luna visited and we put huge arrows to where we sit/live (our rooms) and what we did.

This was the month of the "unconscious button" because this was about the time that Tanisha would start our 1 am talks standing at our doors...where we didn't get to bed til 4 am because we always had awesome but ridiculous conversation. The unconscious button was our way of saying we were going to bed.

We named our poor special Christmas tree Latanya Humphrey and we said we would kill each other's toes as a threat.

And Stephon's birthday is still written on there!
Shopping list is still chilling. The Leo stare (from the famous Leonardo DiCaprio Meme's from Inception that are floating around the interwebz) began. "Do girls poop from their vagina" was a line from Meet The Fockers that Tanisha, Abijah and I went to see this month. The "You're motoring, what's your price for flight.." part is from the song "Sister Christian" that makes us laugh when we play Rockband 3 (which I had gotten for Christmas)

"I don't have a printer at home...Fuck you" is from a class I had and this woman made such a huge deal about not having a printer at home and my professor almost freaked out on her because she wouldn't drop it. Funniest, yet most annoying thing in class ever.

"WAT!" is my new way of saying what, because inside I really am a big black woman. We also created the IPod Mega which was a p.o.s. ipod with a key board, no internet, footbook and coldmail.

Oh and Sasha. Sasha needs an introduction. Mindu was looking through her things one night and found this naked barbie doll with the anatomical terms written on her parts. So we said Sasha was a whore, and we dressed her accordingly. We told her to make us a sandwich.

I think this was the last month of Stephon's birthday...since it was his birth month.

Shopping is still there. Tanisha added a countdown to her 21st birthday. We had 3 snowdays in a row so "ping pong" time was something we did when we were trapped in the building for those 3 days because of the 16 inches of snow we got during the Snowpocalypse. Mindu was starving, Tanisha was attempting to look for money.

Mindu also got really sick at this time and Tanisha and I became her parents (I would make her a lot of soup) so we wrote on the board her excuse for not going to work. ("Mindu's parents (Tanisha & Amelia) will not allow Mindu to work today due to her illness.")

"Bleezard...BLIZARD" comes from a recording Tanisha and I made of ourselves playing the original Oregon Trail where we hit blizzards, tried to kill certain people off and called squirells "little shits."

I also had an experience with the llama at camp this month and a freak out over pulled pork (where I sang Sister Christian while adding pulled pork in there.)

Shopping is gone (sad...) Katrina's mom came to visit me, fat Tuesday happened (paczki power) and Natasha had a little too much fun one night and left us all a personal note.

Sasha was causing issues when she lived on her "boat" that was on the back of our couch and fell on me in her sleep. 

You know what they say about April showers...Tanisha turned 21 (yay!) and this was our last month in 1104, the apartment that we moved into for the first year at Riverfront. We decided that Tanisha needed chocolate cake even though she didn't like chocolate cake (but she liked brownies). I wrote, "I can ride my bike w/no handlebars...NOT" after I bought the song on Rockband (and I can't literally ride a bike, true story)

I had some Naked Juice, and they made fun of me all month long about it. We told Tanisha to use the litter box after both bathrooms (for once) were full and she needed to go.

And the cheeseburger without cheese, yeah another ridiculous person that needs to be smacked.

After being away for 4 months, the board was BACK and in a new apartment (512). Mindu got some roses, and got a little tipsy and threw the rose at my head (trust me, it wasn't pleasant). I wrote about how I can't understand life at 5 am because that's when I started working these early morning shifts. I picked lots of things up with my toes ("toe skeelz").

Molly took a whole corner (not like we cared) and we decided that 17 inches was badddddd....I made a countdown for when Luna was supposed to come over because we missed her and we had some fun fun nights!

October...part 1
So we had 2 different boards for October, this was the first one that we had. Tanisha hurt Mindu, then denied it, so Mindu called her a liar. My birthday happened so there were lots of people in their not so sober stupors writing on the board (poooorrrr Kevin...).

"Where 'dem girls at" was from when we heard that David Guetta had died, then found out about 20 minutes later he wasn't dead...but I said that and we about died. (Say that around Abijah sometime and she'll tell you that you're going to Hell.)

And we had an issue figuring out when a shift was at 2-5am, and an argument ensued (a not serious argument of course, I don't think we ever got into a real fight!)

 October Part 2
Kevin thought he was marrying Abijah (yeah no...); Dejuan came to chill and Stephon was angry we erased his name from earlier in the month. Luna still wasn't coming over, Marita came and told us to go to a haunted house.

We thought the orange marker was yellow (it tried really hard) and I can't really remember the how ya like me NOW...so I wrote "wat is this?" and someone used a smart-ass answer and said it's English.

And we ordered pizza in an Italian accent and talked about eating bacon and pepperonis and sausage.

Luna never came over (we forgave her and didn't kick her ass), we wrote November in 2 languages (french also) and Tanisha said we were learning. We had an argument over the pronunciation of my name. I was really craving turkey (see the mmm...)

I became an asparagus (which I was okay with) but not okay with the wrong pronunciation of my name. I went to Chicago with Molly and had adventures driving on the Loop and seeing random things around the city for Mindu's bridal shower. 

"I know you don't like nuts.." the things that fall out of our mouths and make us giggle. I think we were talking about eating peanuts and I didn't want any but Mindu offered anyway and said that.

We had a Christmas party this month so there's lots of signings and hilarious things. Abijah thought she lost her zippo, tore apart our apartment and then found it in her pocket("The zippos was in my sweatpants"). Mindu left for India for a month ("I love my roomies...I will miss you guys so much"). Finals week happened and I feel like Tanisha and I both had the plague ("Why do we always get sick when finals week comes up?")

Mindu drew a red tree and I just commented on how it was red and she got all testy about it (Like always) ("first red Christmas tree I've ever seen :) Not saying I don't like it." "Don't be jealous of my tree") I decided to never hurt Luna ("I think I'll never kick Luna's butt since me being sick was the reason why she didn't come over this weekend.") But she ended up coming over anyway at the Christmas party. 

Kevin said he was going to marry Abijah again (oh running jokes) and then the next day we started going out so I wrote "Not is I have any say in the matter." Kevin also gave us the wonderful pearl: "Coke just tastes weird now without rum in it."

Mindu came home from India, but then she saw the "shhhh...it's a trap" and became worried. We had a party and we had a movie in and we were talking about hugs and the screams from her exorcism made us laugh ("hugs...she gets off on em...") We decided that hanging out was cool...as long as pants were involved (at least in Tanisha's room).  I came home from Molly's and went to bed, and woke up to an open bottle of vodka in my bed ("that awkward moment when you find an open bottle of vodka in your bed.") but I wasn't drinking it...I just forgot to put it away after I took it out of my bag on my bed.

There were several youtube videos mentioned that were hilarious, Manbungo-African Warrior and Grandma Rack City. From the same party mentioned earlier, we went on a late night trip to Taco Bell where I thought there was a cat in Abijah's car, we talked about Nick's private parts and we had to deal with a not so sober Kevin; "You hit me in the nipple;" "I'm just fuckin' with ya but seriously I'm gonna punch you in the dick.-Nick Dean"

Then there was the whole PIPA/SOPA, there was a blackout March and Tanisha and I freaked out because it meant not buying, downloading, going to see, etc. any books, movies, video games for the whole month of March. Well, there was SSX3, The Hunger Games, Sims 3 Showtime, etc. Well, I think Tanisha and I had a heartattack and asked if we preordered them now and paid for them now, if we could still have them ("what if we pay for them now")

I wrote the month in German, both because I love "learning" and it is also Kevin's heritage (and well, since it was Valentine's month, it was kinda on my mind.) Mindu drew the three of us and we decorated each other because we were awesome roomies. I went (with my friends of course) to many bars/clubs over the period of this month, and my drinking adventures gave me some awesome lines that were added. Like "I need you like a blind person needs a seeing eye dog." I said that to Molly at Necto on 2/4 when I realized that I had drunk a lot of alcohol and I would need her to help me up and down all the stairs to get out of the club. And the "I taste...NOTHING!" was said after a night at Jester's where Tanisha and I drank a ton, and we realized the last pitcher of cranberry vodka was made with Grey Goose and it was so smooth that it got us into too much trouble. Another adventure in drinking left us super (drunk) hungry at Mega where I ordered an omelete AND a salad...I ended up taking the whole omelete home, but it did leave me with lunch the next morning. ("Buying a Greek salad AND an omelete at the same time was the best decision of my life.")

I wrote out the song I sang for my fish when I had to flush them back in December (back story: I had gotten 26 fish as a white elephant gift from work and they had a disease...so in the end, I lost 22 of the 26. I still have 4 that are getting huge.) It goes like this: "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. That saved a fish like you. You once were alive, but now you're dead. Float on little minnow, float on." Yup, I sang that for my fish as I flushed them into the Flint sewer system.

Mindu had a countdown to the day that she was going to move out forever, Tanisha turned it into 500 more days than it was. On her last night in Flint, Mindu went to the wine bar down the street with friends and came home really intoxicated ("my Indian rommate is highly intoxicated") and held onto Tanisha's door for dear life ("I'm gonna get back on the door"). This led to me writing a letter: "Mindu should not be allowed to have many glasses of wine signed: her mother" and ended with us making a plan to get her to bed ("pajama den a pee de a go to bed --> couch") On February 25th, Mindu moved out forever and left me with many emotions ("I just have so many emotions")

Yup, we have had some crazy awesome times together that I'll never forget. And I know many more will come in the future! If you read this, well thanks for joining me on memory lane!

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  1. Fun! Back when my sister and I were roomies, we too had a dry erase board (and I took pictures of it for posterity...lol). Many fun things got left on it, including some awesome private jokes about our crazy neighbors. Thanks for bringing back the memories! :)