Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Beginning of a Crafter

So, my friend ryuluna has gotten me into crafting. And it has been GREAT for me! I found almost automatically that my stress levels have fallen. The first thing she introduced to me is swap-bot which allows one to swap different things with people all over the world. Though I have mostly done postcard and email swaps, I have also started journaling. I am currently hosting a swap for lyric journaling and I am also experimenting with one called a "Multiple Personality Journal." I started that one tonight with my first entry in it with the personality of a fairy that is rather angry...and sarcastic :) 

Luna first showed me the love for guerilla art with Wreck this Journal. I have come to start my own journaling through that. Here are some of my entries into my current journal.

This page was with help of some friends. I posted on Facebook, "How have you changed the world?" and I wrote out some of the responses that I liked. I have plans of asking this question often.

What a fun day! I was a member of Human Scrabble!

I drew this in about 10 minutes. It was one of those draw, and see what happens kind of pages. I find it beautiful even though others may not. This page has a lot of meaning to me.

How I began my journal. The note says to buy something inexpensive as a symbol as you need to create. And I said this journal was what I bought.

Luna has also taught me how to crochet and I have made a scarf. Though it isn't perfect, I still wear it proudly.

I feel there is much more of me to come with crafting.

Song right now: My Own Worst Enemy- Lit.

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  1. :D This post made me feel good! :D. I am glad I got you addicted to crafting. It's amazing. Love you Girlie :)