Monday, December 27, 2010

This Christmas

This Christmas was an interesting one for sure.

Started off on Christmas Eve when I went off to Molly's house. It was quite a lot of fun actually. We woke up Friday morning, went out to Past Tense and I got some yummy hot caramel apple cider (thanks Boesler)! Then off to Uncle Dennis' for their Christmas party (mmm ham!)

Then we went over to Ken and Mo's that night where I got to see a lot of the Smith's and had a good time. (I definelty learned a lot more about dog breeding than I ever wanted to know, but if you need any info, I'm YOUR girl :D )

Then Christmas morning came. Aunt Sue gave me pickles...and LOTS of them. I know, it seems a little weird but I LOVE pickles so I loved it. 

Then I was off to Christmas with Uncle Dave and Aunt Deb. This year, they had the celebration at Aunt Debbie's parent's house, who I call Grandpa and Grandma because of the fact that I lived with Uncle Dave and Aunt Deb for 4 years and they were like my grandparents. But, now that I had been away so much, I didn't know how bad things got. Grandma's Alzheimer's was getting really bad. She hardly knew her whole name, and family members took turns feeding her. And Grandpa wasn't doing well either. It's really sad when grandparents start declining with age. Though it was rather somber, we still had some funny moments. (like when we told grandma "You're beautiful!" And she looked right at us and said "I know!")

After dinner I went down to Todd and Michelle's house. I got there late enough that almost everyone was gone except for Todd, Michelle, the kids and Aunt Linda. We visited some and then almost everyone went their separate ways to bed. Though I did get to watch Vampire's Suck, which was funny but just ok.

This morning I was off and running. Off to Katrina's house where we took an expedition that landed up at Logan's Steakhouse in Madison Heights and then we visited her grandpa's grave before going to Starbucks. Then we went back to her house and then off to a party at Uncle Dave's house. There we played some Euchre and some dance game on the Xbox (which was awesome, I SO want the Xbox with Kinect!)

Then I went home and it's nice to be home. I put the Christmas tree away and got some stuff cleaned up.

All-in-all it was a pretty good Christmas. I'm glad to be home and in my own bed for the first time in several nights.

I hope your Christmas went well also :)

I've had this song stuck in my head since Katrina and I watched it earlier LMFAO!!! 

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