Sunday, December 18, 2011

Those Christmas Lights, They Light Up The Streets...

So Friday night came with the great Christmas party that I had been planning since the middle of November. And actually it didn't feel like a Christmas party even, only the food was festive.

But it was full of amazing food (my turkey turned out really good...which I am glad. I think I'll make it that way often), lots of laughs and some amazing times. I love my friends. I love how we can come together and end two of some really bad weeks for me in one night of happiness. We were up til the early morning hours and it was so worth it. 

Sometimes you just gotta let go, let your feelings out there and live life. That's what I did and it felt wonderful. I got to see Luna for the first time in a long time...and it was wonderful. After half the party fell asleep, we sat in the living room talking about life, love (and the pursuit of happiness...okay maybe not haha) but it was nice to just be able to talk to her again.

Seriously, I can't say this enough...I LOVE my friends.

Here have some pics I took in like 5 minutes because I forgot my camera for the most part (my mind was rather occupied!) but I got some good stuff!

Molly and I seem to take nice pictures :)

Tanisha and I. ROOMIES <3
Oh Tanisha, this makes me laugh!

Me and Abijah :) I love the antlers

Kevin and I!

Yeah...don't mess with Abijah haha
And for those of you who came on this blog to hear more about me now having a boyfriend. Yes, it is true. Yes, it is the Kevin in these pictures and yes I am very happy. More will come on that later'll just have to stop in another day! :)

Music for the Weekend:
1. Come on Get Higher- Matt Nathanson
2. The One That Got Away- Katy Perry
3. Boy With a Coin- Iron & Wine
4. Comin' Home- City and Colour
5. How to Save A Life- The Fray
6. City Hall- The Fray
7. The Scientist- Coldplay
8. Christmas Lights- Coldplay

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  1. BAH!!!! STUPID CLIFFHANGER!!!! Curse you Amelia, curse you. Well, sounds like an amazing shindig. My fingers smell like honey BBQ wings.