Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hey Look, It's December Outside!

So, it's been a bit since I've posted on here. Life has been hectic! But this is what happens as the semester winds down and Christmas vacation happens. So, I shall try to play some catch up to bring everything back up to speed.

Well, the night of my last post, I got my first ticket. Yup, I got pulled over because one of my tail lights were out. I don't know if that dude in Chicago knocked it out, or if it was just the light's time to go, but it was out and I had no idea that it was. But it got worse, supposedly my license plate never transferred from my old car to my new one almost 2 years ago in the Michigan computer systems...and since I left my registration at home, they had to check to make sure that the car wasn't reported stolen. Awesome. Of course it wasn't and now I'm still dealing with this mess.

So then Thanksgiving came up and it was an enjoyable weekend for all. After fixing my taillight (so I could drive my car illegally but it not look like it), I went up north like my normal trip. I went up Wednesday for dessert day...and desserts did we have. SO MANY DESSERTS. But they were amazing. Thanksgiving was awesome, we crammed 18 people around one table...our bit of controlled chaos. I caught up with everyone. It was so nice. Friday was nice and relaxing. Katrina and I went into West Branch for some shopping. I got almost all of it done in a little under $50. Saturday we watched the big UM vs. OSU game and Michigan won (GO BLUE!). Then I drove home and saw some of my best friends. We went and saw The Muppets and laughed so hard.

Now I'm dealing with a cold (BOO!), studying for tests, writing papers, being sad because of the snow we got the other night. life. Here is a little more breakdown of the weekend:

  • Lots of Euchre was played. Mary needs to work on her skillz (yes with a z), but we still laughed so hard.
  • Don't get Robert a remote controlled helicopter. He got it stuck in Aunt Debbie's hair! 
  • We have a new drink, it's called Responsibly. So, we were drinking Responsibly (le ha)
  • Lots of naps were had.
  • There was no snow, so no snowmen this year. That was kinda sad. But it was beautiful the whole weekend. We even had a bonfire one night.
  • I got woken up by the cabin band...twice. A girl just can't sleep in anymore.

the AuSable. ALWAYS beautiful!
The dessert table on dessert day.
All us "kids"

My bro and his girl stopped by. That's her son with them.

Mary and I!

Being ridiculous....on a the river

We thought we'd just throw Robert in ;)
Recent Songs of Addiction (probably most Daughtry because I just got the CD!)
1. Gone Too Soon- Daughtry
2. Heartbeat- The Fray
3. We're Not Gonna Fall- Daughtry
4. Lullabye- Daughtry
5. Who's They- Daughtry
6. Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd
7. Your Song- Elton John
8. The Dance- Garth Brooks
9. Crazy- Daughtry
10. Everything But Me- Daughtry
11. Louder Than Ever- Daughtry

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