Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My List of Buckets...Oh Wait...My Bucket List!

Bucket Lists are not a foreign concept. I know there are many people who have them, and I have had one for years. For the most part, I started making my bucket list in high school as part of an assignment for an English class I was in. At the time, I never knew how much it would expand, and the things that I would do in the next couple years.

In 2009, I wrote more out. I made a much larger list. Then I "lost" it. But I lived that year (with the help of my then fiancee) and experienced a lot of things in one summer that I didn't think I would ever experience. So in 2010, I wrote another one, a smaller one because I couldn't remember where my other one had gone. 

Then the other day, I was looking in some of my boxes of stuff that I have in storage, and found the journal I wrote it all down in, in 2009. So I put the new and old together to compile my long, but awesome bucket list. I went through and crossed out the things I've accomplished with dates as much as I could remember them. Each crossing out has a story, a memory, something I won't forget. So far, each piece I've crossed out has been a learning experience and has had an impact on the life that I lead everyday.

So if you'd like, here it is, my bucket list in it's entirety. Mainly for me to not lose it again...but also for those who feel the need to help me achieve any one of these things or want to join me on the journey. I CAN say that #5 is in the plans for this summer, it's going to be epic.
1. Go to Paris 
2. Climb a mountain
3. See something truly beautiful
4. Help someone in a great way
5. See the sunrise and sunset on the same day on different sides of the state
6. Get engaged
7. Feel true forgiveness
8. Witness a miracle
9. Visit Westminster Abbey
10. Study abroad
11. Get a tattoo
12. Live in a dorm
(move in: 9/1/2010)
13. Graduate college
14. Make my mom proud
15. Dance in the rain
16. Kiss in the rain
17. Go skydiving
18. Have a child
19. Get married
20. See the pyramids of Egypt
21. Feel beautiful
 (3/1/11; Lady Gaga concert)
22. Beat the odds
 (I do this all the time.)
23. Live to be 30
24. Buy a house
25. Go to church regularly
26. Make a meal for a lot of people
 (TFC, summer 2011)
27. Shake the hand of a celebrity
 (4/3/10; Chris Daughtry)
28. Meet a celebrity
 (4/3/10; Chris Daughtry)
29. Be in a movie
30. Buy a brand new car
31. Have a daughter
32. Have a son
33. Make a difference in someone’s life
 (there are many)
34. Learn Japanese
35. Sing a song in public
 (10/4/10; Karaoke bar!)
36. Jump on a pogo stick
37. Roller blade
38. Learn to ride a bike
39. Speak publicly
 (9/24/09; Jerry Hosterman’s classes)
40. Live to see a cure for cancer
41. Start a career
42. Grant a wish for someone
43. Read a book in one day
 (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 7/2008)
44. Try every fruit in the world
45. Write a newspaper article
46. Play clarinet in public as a soloist
47. Learn how to correctly play piano
48. Save someone’s life
49. Change someone’s outlook on life
50. Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in a row
51. Learn to play cello
52. See American Idiot the Musical
(1/19/2012; Detroit Opera House)
53. Go to Rome
54. Experience “paradise”
55. Meet Lance Armstrong
56. Take a spontaneous adventure
57. Have a real conversation with Uncle Dave
58. Change an opinion
59. Witness a legal gay marriage
60. Go bungee jumping
61. Write a book
62. Publish that book!
63. Set myself free
64. Stay up all night looking at the stars
65. Forgive those who have hurt me
66. Apologize!
67. See Wicked!
68. Laugh a lot
69. Go to Grad school
70. Graduate grad school
71. Become a “Dr.”
72. Help others
73. Make myself proud
74. Change a life
75. See Coldplay in concert
 (6/2/09; DTE Music Theater)
76. Let go of the past…truly
77. See Rent! live
78. Go to New York City
79. Visit the WTC Memorial
80. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in a different state (or country!)
81. Meet new people
82. See Josh Groban in concert
83. Be happy
84. Drive a sports car
85. Plant a garden
86. Be in a relationship for at least a year
87. Meet someone very different from me and learn from them
88. Have a night without worries
89. Be part of a popular Youtube video
90. Tell all my friends how thankful I am for all of them and have them truly believe
91. Go to Mexico
92. Go on a cruise
93. Take a trip and not worry about money
94. See Panic! at the Disco in concert
95. Go to India
96. Drive a boat
97. Climb a tree
98. Go snorkeling
99. Learn German
100. Go to Mardis Gras
101. Make 1000 paper cranes
102. Ride in a hot air balloon
103. Have a surprise party thrown for me
104. Have a fall wedding
105. Pay a stranger’s tab at a restaurant/bar
106. Catch a bride’s bouquet
 (2/14/2009; Kari’s wedding)
107. Read every novel written by Nicholas Sparks
108. Steal a street sign
109. Order dessert first at a restaurant
110. Perform as a member of an orchestra
111. Spend the night in a haunted house

1. The One That Got Away- Katy Perry
2. Give Me Novocaine- Green Day
3. Let Me Be Myself- 3 Doors Down
4. Kings and Queens- 30 Seconds to Mars
5. Someone Like You- Adele
6. Bully- Three Days Grace
7. Drown In You- Daughtry
8. What It's Like- Everclear
9. The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face- Glee
10. Never Too Late- Three Days Grace

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