Sunday, January 1, 2012

An Amazingly Happy New Year!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! This year has been a much different new year for me than I have had in awhile. And I had so much fun! But before I get into the details on just how AMAZING my night was (because it was shoot off fireworks, kiss a baby, amazing) I'll catch you all up on my whole holiday season, as it has been  just epic in general.

Christmas was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Last year was a little subdued (I think I wrote about it on here last year). It ended up being a very quiet affair and even though I enjoyed it, something was just different about the whole situation! But this year was the direct opposite! Christmas Eve I was off to Molly's Uncle Dennis' where we had Christmas with them. It was fun, we watched movies, open gifts, caught up on life. Uncle Steve gave all the girls his version of lingerie, a 4X camo nightgown. What a man! Love him so much though, he makes me laugh (and that this is SUPER warm). That night I went off to Ken and Mo's for Christmas Eve like usual and we just chilled, had a drink, shared some laughs, and had a great time.  Molly and I went to her brother EJ's for the night.

The next morning we got up and had brunch. Uncle Steve and Aunt Sue came down to EJ's to join us this year and we had present sharing time while keeping the dogs from tearing up everything. (Great entertainment was had). Then I got dressed and was off for the day. I drove up to Lapeer to Uncle Dave and Aunt Debs. I was a little early so I had to wait around, offered my help in the kitchen (something I think that took Aunt Debbie a little off guard) and just made the time as pleasing as possible. Aunt Debbie's family came over soon and we spent our time talking and catching up.

After dinner, I was off to Todd and Michelle's, where I always end my Christmas night. I arrived in time for a packed house! It was nice taking a seat at the dining room table and talking to Aunt Rosalie, Aunt Jane, Paula, Aunt Linda, Michelle and the random people who came and went. It was really quite wonderful sharing so many laughs with them that night! Aunt Linda loved the collage I made her for Christmas (and made sure that everyone saw it...Michelle approved of how many times she was in it ;D ) and stories about our family that were hilarious came up. Totally an enjoyable time. Kids were running around, it was just a perfect Christmas. By the time I hit the pillow on the couch at 11, I was exhausted!

The next morning we got up and went shopping. Aunt Linda wanted to buy me something for Christmas, so I found a nice pair of jeans that fit nicely and bought myself a sweater (it is actually my favorite piece of clothing right now!) And then I was off to Flint to meet Molly and Kevin for a trip to Frankenmuth! Molly had never been so we walked around little Bavaria, went to shops, watched them make fudge (and TRIED warm fudge...mmm!) and bought some. 

Tuesday brought a lunch with my friend Matt who I have known for a long time. We hadn't seen each other for awhile, so we got some pizza, talked about life and shared some laughs. It was so nice seeing him! Later that night I headed to Saginaw to spend the night with my friend's Helen and David from The Fowler Center! They are literally my favorite couple!!! Dave's little sister Angie was there (I love that girl!) and her boyfriend Eddie. We just had a great time. Mikaela and Charlotte, who worked with us our first summer at TFC, came by. Charlotte was in the country from overseas to spend the holiday with Mikaela, I hadn't seen her since summer 2010! It was nice catching up with her for sure!

Thursday came the day where I got shit done....literally! I bought my textbooks for this semester online, I paid the rest of my rent for my lease, I did some online shopping (girl found some DEALS!), finalized my schedule for this semester, and talked to people more and got to know them better (which is one of my favorite things to do)! It was a wonderful day. I then I set up my new XBox 360 and gamed all afternoon. :) That night I went out to dinner with Sarah and Kelly from TFC at Buffalo Wild Wings and we had a blast!

Friday was a weird day. I was having some issues with my hand majorly, the tendons were super swollen so I got a doctors appointment that morning and ended up with some major pain pills and a shot of cortisone. I then went to the mall to return Tanisha's Christmas gift (the thing I got her was not okay for certain reasons hahah) and bought her another. Then her and I decided we were going to split the cost on a new TV (since we both have new xboxes) so I went to Best Buy for that and got a beauty. By the time I made it home, I was having some weird side effects from the new pain prescription (it was making me feel really weird) so I set up the TV, told Kevin that I just didn't want to see anyone and laid in front of the TV for the rest of the night waiting to not feel sick and groggy. I called in and asked for a different prescription which was called in (and I can happily say that the one time I've taken it, I don't have the same kind of side effects!) Gotta love chronic tendinitis in both hands...and it causing issues...blah!

ANYWAY! I got up yesterday and felt like a whole new woman. I spent the day being lazy, thinking of mom and getting ready for the night's festivities. Kevin came over a little later and spent some time together before we were off to Lapeer to get Zac and head to Uncle Dave's. But when we get to Tim Horton's, I remembered that I forgot Katrina's Christmas gift at my apartment, so Zac jumped in my car and we drove back so I could grab it. It was all good though, Zac and Kevin became acquainted, had some "bro" time hahaha and I think became more comfortable with each other. (Zac had NEVER hung out with us, ever, and I invited him because I had enjoyed our conversations on Facebook QUITE a bit and it would be nice to just spend some time getting to know him better!) We were off to Uncle Dave's where I got tackled by children (and my best friend Katrina), laughs were had and Euchre was played for hours on end! But probably the best moment of the night was midnight where yes, I'm going to say it, Kevin and I shared the "first kiss" of our relationship. For more on THAT story, you can ask me personally hahaha because it was quite entertaining. But, yes I had the goofiest grin ever...EVER in my life and well, it was the first time in a long time that I shared a New Year's kiss with someone who wasn't a family member. :D

After midnight, we left the shindig and went to Tim Horton's for some coffee to refuel before heading to Zac's house. There was actually a New Year's party going on there as well (haha but Zac was with US!) and we were there until after 3 am talking, meeting new people, laughing, and just enjoying each other's company. Then Kevin and I made the drive back to Flint (safely and NOT under the influence of anything I may add...this was actually a drink free New Year and I was a-okay with that)! I think I had faygo, coffee and water all night long! After a goodnight kiss (eeee!!!) we parted ways.

 I thought I would just collapse in bed and go to sleep...but nope. I ended up tracking down who the person was who thought it was awesome to submit the comment, "Lose some weight, you fat pig!" to my post about my Christmas party last night. Yup, I know who you are, where you live, and well, if you're reading story bro. I'm not going to say I'm not overweight, oh I know I am. But comments like those aren't going to break me down like they did years ago. For your information anonymous (as you weren't brave enough to say it with your name attached) I AM actually taking a swimming class this semester. It may (or may not) help me lose weight, but either way, I am going to be getting some exercise in my life. Thank you for caring about my well-being, that is really kind of you. There are also words I would like to share with you, but in truth, I no longer want to spread hate, so I'm not going to say them to you. Optimism is such a wonderful thing, and it makes people see the best in every situation (and is the main reason I am still functioning with the shitstorm that is my life) and I'm going to say anon, that yes I am overweight, and if I lose some weight this semester, cool. That's fine with me. But if I don't, then whatever. I am relatively healthy and that's all I can ask for. I have awesome people in my life (and you are not one of them) and that's a wonderful thing. I am happy and that's ALL that matters. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate your life and look at what you are doing before you try taking down the tower that is Amelia. Good luck!

After that, I went through my Facebook friends list (all 1200+ of them) and deleted over 100 people. These were people that have been negative to me, that I don't really know, that I don't know why I added them, and people who are just not worth being in my life again. I am sure that another cut will happen in the future. But one of them was a good friend from the past who is no longer my friend. If she is reading this, awesome. You are REALLY trying to get into my life. I knew it the moment that you added Kevin on Facebook the moment we became boyfriend and girlfriend. If you want to know what's going on in my life, ASK me. You are around UM-Flint ALL THE TIME, and never even acknowledge my presence when we pass in the hall (and I know you see me)! It was only a matter of time. If you want to actually be friends again, then you can message me on Facebook, try to build a friendship and maybe, just maybe, I'll eventually add you back. I'm done putting the energy in our relationship. Good luck stalking me, it's not going to happen via Facebook anymore.

I fell into my bed at about 6 am this morning. For the most part, the night was amazing. I am so ready for 2012 and all the craziness it's going to bring into my life. I am all about being positive and getting the negative out of my life. A new start. As I said yesterday, I don't have New Year's resolutions, and I am not going to try to make this year better. I am going to take everyday as they come, one day at a time, laugh often, smile everyday, share some memories, keep moving forward through the tough stuff and LIVE! I'm ready, are you?

P.S. Kevin survived meeting my family last night...I get to meet his tonight. I may be a tad nervous :) stupid social anxiety!

1. American Idiot- Green Day
2. Tonight- Seether
3. Who's They- Daughtry
4. Night Hunter- 30 Seconds to Mars
5. Hero/Heroine- Boyslikegirls
6. Nothing- The Script
7. If It's Love- Train
8. Dirty Little Secret- All-American Rejects
9. Again- Flyleaf

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