Sunday, January 30, 2011

Amelia's Mailbox Week #1 1/24-1/31

Here's my first week in photographing my mail! 


 Got this delightful postcard as a part of a swap I did on Swap-bot. It was Quotecard Postcard #44. This lovely card has 2 quotes actually and I thought both of them were rather awesome!
 Another quotecard postcard. This one says "Do not argue with an idiot. He will bring you down to his level and beat you with experience." It made me laugh, but well all know it is SO true!

 This lovely card is from LR McArthur who lives in Georgia. She is someone who found me on She is doing a project of sending a postcard every Monday. This one was sent on MLK Day and has a picture of his tomb. The quote, "The quality, not the longevity of one's life is what is important." MLK Jr.
This was a lovely card from Sarah in Nova Scotia. She wrote all over this card and then on the front and back of 3 more note cards. It was an introductory letter as she found me on sendsomething. I believe it is the beginning of a mail friendship :)

 This postcard was from Fast Eyes, a sendsomething friend I have been exchanging mail with over the past couple months.

These three are from my penpal I got through swap-both, Sara. She lives in New Jersey! I thought everything about this litter was adorable and I loved the picture at the end. She told me about her music tastes and a little more about her husband. She calls herself the "Goth Barbie."

This last one I received today. It is from my friend Lynn who lives in Califronia. She works for the government and told me how her week has been. I love the old stamps she used to make postage. She sent me some old "lick it, stick it" stamps with my last letter. 


This was a quick little card I sent out to Fast Eyes. I think they are cute :)

This postcard was sent off to Nancy as part of a swap I was doing on swap-bot. It is a really old postcard (about 40 years old) and was part of the local/state/national park PC swap I was in. 
This was a letter I sent off to my cousin Mary that I used to live with. I told her what has been going on with my life and such. The envelope is handmade, it is actually a magazine ad from Seventeen Magazine.

Not Pictured :(
(I guess I was too excited that I forgot to take a picture of them before putting them in the box...)

I sent a letter off as part of my "A Letter To Someone Else 2" Swap. It went off to someone in Illinois. I actually wrote to letters, one to an old love and one to a family member that shall not be mentioned.

I also sent an introductory pen-pal letter to a girl in Conneticut. I made another magazine envelope for that one.

A letter was sent to LR McArthur. 

Another letter was sent off to Sarah from Nova Scotia in another magazine envelope.

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