Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Month Late Christmas!

So, my friend Ryulua had a very busy holiday season that made some gifts come late. I really didn't care when she got me the gift. So, I was given it this Monday, almost a month to the date late. But I was still excited. And I LOVED them!

She told me that everyone needs some art deco tape! I think that this is really cute and I can't wait to start flowering things up!

This is actually a small photo album. It says "Only when you are no longer afraid do you begin to live." That is my favorite quote and has so much history with me. Inside are pictures that she took of me when she came over in December and took photos in the city of Flint. You can see them at Luna's Flikr. If you go the photo album named Flint! Some of them can kind be seen in the filmstrip along the top corner of this photo.

Luna makes zines...(and I am going to make one soonish...when I get up the ambition!) and this is the zine she gave me. This is inspired by "This is Not a Book" by Keri Smith. Keri uses guerilla art to express oneself, and really is the whole reason I started crafting. I find beauty in a lot of new things now and I can express myself in more ways than I used to be.

Some of the pages in here are: Vandalize this page, write an acceptance speech for an award of your choice, and Smile at Every Stranger you see!

This is an envelope made out of a magazine ad. I want to start making these because I think they are just really cool and a great way to recycle magazines!

This is a cool postcard that I can send off to someone :)

And last but not least, a frixion pen. This pen she said is "God" as it really erases as well as a pencil and uses friction to erase. I haven't used it yet, but I can't wait to! :0


  1. :DDDD I am glad you like them!!! :D

  2. Super cute! Oh and i love the photo album!! Ichigoshortcake from sapbot!! xxx