Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another New Project...but Blog related!

So I have been recently sending and receiving a lot of mail. Thanks to swap-bot and, I have not had a lonely mailbox as I used to have. And its nice meeting people through the art of letter writing.

I just got a nice card from my aunt Jane where she said," Letter writing is one of the last arts out there still that hasn't changed, but it is losing it's popularity."

I agree with her. I love getting mail! And it makes my day when I get a random postcard or note from someone new or old!

So I decided to do a Week in Amelia's Mailbox every week. I'm going to try to do it every Sunday (as my schedule can get crazy, we'll see!) But this way I can show the beautiful cards, letters and objects I get from all over the world! And I'll also be showing what I am sending out for the week!

And if you want me to send you something, just send me your address and something will be on your way very soon!

Have a great week all!


  1. Hi Im your newest follower!bugsandbells from swap-bot.Love the blog!


  2. Hi, no I'm your newest follower! lol
    Found you thru swap-bot (I'll be getting a postcard out to you soon, maybe I'll see it on here.)
    I love seeing what other people get in the mail.

  3. I agree with the letter writing. I noticed, that in these days, it's really hard for me to actually write. I'm so used of typing, that I get pain in my writing-hand, if I write more than a few sentences. :/