Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today was pretty awesome.

I woke up at 11 like I planned, got ready to work out. Sadly my roommate Tanisha wasn't here to join me so I worked out alone. I did 30 minutes of uphill fast walking on the treadmill...harder than it seems and 20 minutes of weightlifting.

Then I found out my new laptop, a HP 210 with a larger hard drive and more memory....arrived this morning. So while my roommate Mindu went to get that, I took a quick shower. Then I set up my computer and went off to band. We are playing some really cool pieces. My favorite is Prelude by Shostakovich Op 34 no. 14. It is his lament for his neighbors and friends taken by the Russian Government during the Red era...kind like a fuck you as well. So beautiful. I found a wonderful link to youtube where you can listen.

So after that I ran around getting Microsoft Office from the school for my new computer, getting my computer and iPod hooked up to school internet then I had my First Responder's class. First off...the professor was SOOOO good looking, it is amazing. Secondly, all we did was talk about ourselves and our lives. It was wonderful getting to know my classmates.

Then I walked home and I wasn't as scared in the dark as I thought I would be. The night was rather beautiful actually. I'll post some pics I took the other day on a walk of the area, they really are beautiful...at least in my eyes.

The only downer is to find out that 2 of the 3 discs that ITS sold me were "corrupted" and they wouldn't load onto my computer...so I sadly had to do my homework in Wordpad for one night. But I did get this thing called clouddrive....3 GB of space online that can be loaded on any computer through the internet and also on the iPod/iPhone through the use of Zumodrive app. Awesome!

I played some Sims 3 and got some videos put on my iPod. 

All around awesome day.

I just hope I'm not too sore in the morning =/

Until then...

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  1. New computer, nice! Always nice to read when someone has had a good day. :)

    skuldintape (swapbot)