Thursday, January 27, 2011


So last night was the night I have been waiting for for weeks! Monday night my friend Ryuluna came over to spend the night. Her, my roommate Mindu and I were going to see Linkin Park in concert. It was so amazing!

We got a late start and missed all but one song of the band: "Do I Offend You Yeah?" but they seem cool. Pendulum is really awesome. I want their singer. Oh what a hunk!

Pendulum (watercolour)

Then the band of the night came on! I will probably post some of the videos later on when I figure out how to get them from my iPod and onto could take a few steps.

Linkin Park blew me away. They are such great performers and love the fans. They played a wonderful mix of the old AND the new. This is my second time seeing them in concert and both times they were amazing. I had moments where I wanted to actually cry (as songs reminded me of times in my life when life was hard) and I would have to take a moment to compose myself. 

Linkin Park (Waiting for the End)

Their music has always been one of anger for me. When something had happened that was unfair, or that made me angry, instead of fighting, I would get out the ole CD player and blast some Linkin Park. They helped me through so much anguish in my life and will always be one of my favorite bands.

I woke up today and didn't want to move. As I said to my roommate, "Are you sure I wasn't hit by a small bus last night?" I didn't drink, but I did dance and jump and clap and scream. Granted, I didn't go to band (my head and hands killed) and I woke up at 11 am...then 1 pm...then 5 pm. Basically I stayed in bed all day, but it was quite wonderful. I feel much better now!

Here are some pics of us at the concert!!

Luna being hilarious

Luna and me!

Mindu my roommate and me!

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  1. I LOVE Linkin Park too! :-) Had the chance to see them a few years ago. I must admit, that I don't like the new album and music. I love the old things and I love Dead by Sunrise, Chester's Solo project. Saw them last year in Berlin and they were absolutely fantastic!!!